How to get a man going crazy for you and make him obsess with you

How to get a man going crazy for you and make him obsess with you

So let’s think about the power of seduction. Is it being vulnerable and telling your whole life on a first date or is it being a bit mysterious, creating a bit of tension, giving him drops of uncertainty, and letting him figure you out?

So you feel like a relationship is getting a bit dull and boring? He is not making much effort, he basically has you all safe or he wants to, all available for him, and on top of it, he knows every single step that you take or maybe he doesn’t even ask to know every single step that you take ’cause you are so nice and you report it to him. So he’s just not that worried.

Now, an open book does not spice things up. An open book makes things, again, dull and boring. It’s the mystery that creates tension, spice, and keeps the relationships bit on the edge plus gets guys blood boiling, so in this article we will share with you three ways how to be mysterious in a high value way.

#1 Dating

So the first tip is more for dating. Don’t share your whole life in one go, and ladies, here is a story that happens a lot, and men are very aware of this. So when a woman meets a guy that she likes, she basically wants to bond with him, share stories, and get to know eachother better, then before you know it, he knows her whole life in the first 24 hours when he has met her.

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As a girl you might think! yeah, that’s perfect as now he knows everything about me, we bonded, it was so much fun, we really enjoyed each other’s company, and now we can live happily ever after. It’s fantastic, right? No, that’s not how it works. When you share your whole world with him in the first couple of days, you basically don’t give him a reason to date you anymore.

Now he will be more interested in oh, who’s that girl that I don’t know about? I wonder what’s her story? You might think no, but I just shared it all with him, how could he just leave me out like this?

Well, women bond through talking and sharing. Men bond through having fun together so just ’cause you feel all attached to him doesn’t mean that he does. Sure, he may like you, but he will still look at it as it was just a first date. Even if you talk for 12 hours, had heart-to-heart conversations, he cooked for you, then you slept with him, ladies, it is still just a first date.

Even if you feel head over heels hooked, to him you are still just a first date, and actually this is a very common strategy that men use on women in order to sleep with them. Open, bonded conversations, cooking for girls, then having sex on the first date. Here you understand the strategy behind it and you do not fall in their traps.

So what do you do? Keep your dates not too long, but fun. Share the things that you’re passionate about, but don’t give it all in one go. Dating should be about having fun together and seeing do you click. Don’t be an open book, keep a mystery, and let him think, I wonder what else I Don’t know about this one. I suppose to find out more, I will just have to ask her on the second date.

#2 Relationships and Dating

Tip two is for relationships and dating. Let him pursue you, focus on you. Put yourself first in dating, relationship, and marriage. Now, this is how you should be creating mystery in a relationship in a healthy, natural way by letting a man pursue you as it’s his job, not yours. Sure, you can reciprocate, but it should not be 50/50 as you are, as a woman, not a pursuer.

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Other natural ways to create some mystery and uncertainty by trusting him. Yes, you showing him that you trust him will actually create a healthy amount of mystery and uncertainty for him as you will not be nagging, you will not be stalking, you’re not gonna be controlling or seeking attention, and it will make him wonder why. Why is she not stalking me? Why is she so confident? Is it ’cause she’s busy? Is it ’cause she’s dating someone else?

So now, when you think about it, you’re actually creating a mystery by trusting him, being busy and confident in your life, and reaching for your stars will actually give the ultimate happiness in your life for you. Not the guy, but reaching for you stars. Now, it doesn’t get healthier than that.

#3 Nailing at Texting

The third tip is nailing at texting. Again, it’s for dating, relationships, and marriage. Ladies, texting is super important as literally majority of relationships fail just by text. For example, he says hi, how are you, and you send him a whole essay of every single detail that has happened on your day.

This is actually even worse than the first example, as in the first example, at least a woman got to go on a date and overshare everything there, whereas if you’re sending him long essays like this, it’s very likely that you won’t even get to be asked out. I mean, what’s the point to get to know each other in person if he already knows everything about you through text? What is the point to actually ask you out or get you on a date or even call you? So you would repeat all of it on the phone or on a date?

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Texting is only for staying in touch. Yes, you can share some bits and pieces, but the story of that specific detail that you’re so excited to share with him over text comes out when he actually asks you out, not through text.

So now you know these three tips for how to be mysterious in relationships and dating and what to text a guy. So, like it below if you liked it. Share it with the girls who need it.

Thank you so much for reading!

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How to get a man going crazy for you and make him obsess with you

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