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Top 5 Art from the Open Art Competition organised by Art from Heart

Top 5 Art from the Open Art Competition organised by Art from Heart. Art from Heart had organised ‘Art Mania’, open for all Painting and pencil sketching competition. Results of the same are as follows:

What is the meaning of Freedom in the present context? by Dr Judy Pinto

August 15 is an important day for all of us Indians. We are celebrating Independence Day ever since our great Freedom fighters achieved this freedom from sort of slavery in 1948. This is the day were India became an Independent Nation. When we think about Indian Independence, we remember reverely the sacrifices of Mangal Pandey, Raj Guru, Rani Chennamma, Vallabh Bhai Patel, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Subhash Chandra Bose, Tippu Sultan and not forgetting Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi fondly known as ‘Mahatma’. We owe a lot to these and other leaders who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of our country.

Best and Unique Birthday Gift for Parents

Hello and welcome to We are indeed happy and pleased to see you here on our website. So without wasting much time lets straight away head towards today’s topic that is Birthday Gift for Parents. Parents themselves are the best and priceless gifts on earth today. We see their children coming to their parents house to celebrate their parents birthday. At this point of time some gift or the other has to been given to them to make them happy and joyful. Hence to help you out with this we have listed some of the best gifts a person can give to their parents on their birthday.

Sadak 2: The Most Disliked Movie Trailer on YouTube – 2020

Soon after the release of the movie trailer Sadak 2 it had a great downfall in terms of likes. Just within 24 hours of the release the trailer on YouTube got 5+ million dislikes and records The Most Disliked Movie Trailer. This is the first ever movie trailer in India to get so many dislikes. The reason for so many dislikes varies from person to person.

Birthday Gift for Best Friend

Birthday Gift for Best Friend Finding difficult to choose a Birthday Gift for Best Friend? Here we have listed some of them for you. Hope you like them. 1) Hug ‘n’ Feel Soft Toys Extra Large Very Soft Lovable/Huggable Teddy Bear for Best Friend (3 feet) If your Best friend is a girl the gifting […]

Father’s Day 2020: Special Memories with Dad

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!! Father’s are the best gifts we have.Let us tell them how much we love them today. Share with us your ‘Special Memories With Dad’ and Rejuvenate all the beautiful memories with us. Send us your most beautiful memories with Dad and we will UPLOAD it on our website for FREE!!!!

COVID-19 – Coronavirus: How can I Protect myself?

Coronavirus is found to be a deadliest disease that has been spreading all around the globe. This is a type of virus (Coronavirus) that spreads very fast. Luckily Coronavirus does not spread through air rather it spreads majorly through human contact. In the recent days, Lakhs of people have been tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19) all around the world.

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