COVID-19 – Coronavirus: How can I Protect myself?

Coronavirus is found to be a deadliest disease that has been spreading all around the globe. This is a type of virus (Coronavirus) that spreads very fast. Luckily Coronavirus does not spread through air rather it spreads majorly through human contact. In the recent days, Lakhs of people have been tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19) all around the world. Educational department in India has sent a notice to all schools and colleges to shut down until 31st of March 2020. Many companies have directed their employees to work from home. Government of India has ordered Malls, cinema halls, bars etc. to be kept close until 31st of March 2020. The major reason behind closing down is because to prevent the spreading of coronavirus (COVID-19).

How people react?

People all around the world have been searching measures to prevent the spreading of coronavirus. Few thousand people including doctors have died due to coronavirus (COVID-19). In fact we all are scared of coronavirus (COVID-19). One day we too might be the victims of this virus. It is said that the number of elderly people are the one who are affected in large with coronavirus (COVID-19).We must not be panic rather we must take measure at the earliest. This article will help you in taking the right measures to prevent you from coronavirus (COVID-19).

Following are some of the ways to prevent coronavirus (COVID-19). Requesting you to read take these measures seriously and share among your family, relatives, friends and all your near and dear ones.

1) Wash your hands regularly:

The first and major step to prevent Coronavirus is to wash your hands every then and then. You must wash your hands at least for about 30 seconds. But make sure you use good soap and clean water. Never forget to wash your hands once you return home. This will help you to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).


Because washing your hands frequently with the help of soap and clean water will help you to stay away from viruses. In addition it will not it will prevent coronavirus (COVID-19) from entering into your body when you accidentally touch your eyes, nose and mouth.

2) Maintain distance between two or more people (social distancing):

When you are having a conversation face to face, try to maintain some distance between the two or more. Also make sure that the person who is talking to you does not carry any symptoms such as cold, fever, cough etc. But if you find such symptoms kindly avoid having conversation.


Because if you maintain a certain distance or social distancing, you may avoid coronavirus (COVID-19) from affecting your body. Moreover if you find people who are having fever or any other coronavirus symptoms, kindly advise the person to visit a doctor at the earliest. By doing so, you will save many others from coronavirus (COVID-19).

3) Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth:

It is advisable not to touch your eyes, your nose and your mouth. Before you touch your eyes, nose and mouth make sure that you have washed your hands thoroughly. Always keep your body clean. Take a shower with warm and clean water.


Suppose coronavirus (COVID-19) is resting on your hands, and unknowingly when you touch your eyes, nose and mouth, it automatically enters into your body. After a few days you will be tested positive for Coronavirus. Taking a hot water shower will help you in many different ways.

4) Cover your mouth and nose with the help of face mask:

Covering your mouth as well as the nose with the help of a Face mask (N-97) can avoid coronavirus (COVID-19) from entering into your body. When you sneeze or cough please cover your mouth and your nose with the help of a tissue, face mask or a handkerchief.


Because when you cover your mouth and your nose you are protecting yourself from the deadliest virus entering into your body. When you cover your mouth and nose while sneezing or coughing, you are protecting others from spreading the disease.

5) Consult a doctor:

Imagine you are having a cold, fever, cough and difficulties in breathing, you are advised to visit a doctor because visiting a Doctor will help you to cure at the earliest. In addition stay at home and follow the instructions given by the doctor. Also try to consume warm water frequently. Meanwhile take care of yourself and avoid contacting people from a closer distance.


Because visiting a doctor will help you to cure your disease. In fact staying at home when you are unwell will prevent the spreading of disease. Hence take the advice given by the doctor seriously.

6) Avoid cold Food and Drink items: highly recommend you not to drink chilled water or cold juice. In addition do not consume any cold food too. Because by doing so, you will avoid the majority of the virus entering into your body. Current situation does not support cold food or drink to your body. Hence avoid it!


Because food or drink whenever it is cold it may badly affect your body. This will also affect your normal functioning. You will get cold and sore throat pain which will then lead to a serious health problem. Hence it is advised not to eat or drink chilled items.

7) Proper hygiene:

Maintaining proper hygiene will help you to reduce coronavirus (COVID-19). Washing vegetables, meat and fruits before consuming will help you to prevent coronavirus (COVID-19). Do not consume any raw food without washing them properly.


Because the deadliest coronavirus (COVID-19) may be present on vegetables, fruits and meat. When people consume it without properly washing them, coronavirus (COVID-19) may enter into the body creating major health problems.

These are the seven measures that will help you to prevent coronavirus from affecting you and your family. If you take these measures seriously, you will remain safe. Moreover it will help you to be healthy always. Give these advices to your family members and friends.

Stay Healthy! Stay Safe!

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COVID-19 – Coronavirus: How can I Protect myself?

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