An interview with the women achiever of Mangalore: Apoorva Bykadi

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An interview with the women achiever of Mangalore: Apoorva Bykadi

Apoorva Bykadi is a young lady of Mangalore, who has immense curiosity to learn new things, explore in different fields and also is a wonderful biker. Extremely talented Apoorva Bykadi is an Engineer graduate in the field of Mechanical Engineering from NMAM Institute of Technology, with outstanding achievements in Biking, Basketball and Muay Thai. She practises Surfing in her free time and she has also completed a PADI ‘Discover Scuba’ diving program.

Apoorva Bykadi has bagged several prizes in the field of biking. She was selected in ‘Top 15’ all over India for TVS ‘One Make Championship-2019’ and had participated in the race held at Kari motor Speedway Racetrack and Madras Motor Race Track. Secured ‘First place-ladies class’ in ‘DUB CROSS-2019’ which was a Motocross event in Thrissur. She also became the ‘Overall Champion’ – 2019 in the ladies category in the ‘Indian National Rally Spirit’ organised by Motorsport INC.

Apart from this she has won Bronze medal in ‘MINF Senior National Amateur Muaythai Championship’ – 2017 in the 48-51 weight category for women, which was held in South Sikkim. Apoorva Bykadi, has numerous achievements in the field of Handball and Basketball as well. She also owns a Diploma certificate in ‘Advanced Brazilian Jiujitsu and MMA workshop’ from Monkey Mayhem Fight club and Fitness centre Mangalore. She has a YouTube channel by name high_octane_soul. To know more about this brilliant lady, read further.

1) Hello Ms Apoorva Bykadi it’s a pleasure to have you with us. Could you please tell us about your family?

Thank you Neha! To begin with, I would like to thank God for giving me a wonderful family, parents and a sweet sister.

I cannot be enough thankful to my Mom, who is my backbone in all my achievements, my Dad who has been supportive financially and my sister who is always ready to help me.

I would also like to thank my entire family which includes my relatives, friends and teammates for all the support and encouragement.

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2) Ms Apoorva Bykadi, you have been extremely talented and hardworking right from childhood. What’s the secret behind it?

Hahaha! There is no secret as such!! I was very naughty and hyper-active as a child (that’s what my parents and my relatives keep telling me). May be the curiosity for exploring and wanting to learn new/creative things have helped me to become what I am today!

3) Ms Apoorva Bykadi, tell us about the best memories of college life which you would always preserve in your heart.

I have a loooot of amazing memories preserved in my heart, not just memories but also the people involved in it.

Like Singing songs in the classroom during the lecture, that too when we used to sit in the first or second bench, getting screwed by lecturers for coming late, bunking or for talking, representing college in sports and winning trophies with the team, organising or volunteering in college fest with friends, participating in dance competitions and a lot more.

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4) Ms Apoorva Bykadi, what inspired you to be a Mechanical Engineer? What is the future career of an engineer in this field?

I am very enthusiastic about machines, automobiles and their mechanisms. It always fascinates me to know/learn in depth.

As a Mechanical Engineer I feel, it is an evergreen and a very vast subject. You can make your career in the same field or get into any other fields. But you’ll get a lot of exposure for sure.

5) Ms Apoorva Bykadi, you have been a wonderful enthusiastic biker. Please share with us your journey of becoming a successful biker?

When I was 12 years old I learnt to ride scotty (2W without gear) so my first thing to do list when I am 18, was to get licensed for bike (2W geared) and for car and I made it.

Then one day when I rode my friend’s RC-390 and I crossed 100 kmph in it, was when I realized I want do more. But I did not know anyone much in racing stream and my dream to become a racer became just a dream. I did get into many Local bikinig teams and also became a part of Mangalore Bikerni- which is only women biking group. Used to go for long or short bike rides, breakfast rides etc., With them and explored the nature.

Ms Apoorva Bykadi

In 2019 I got to know about TVS one make championship training and selection. I was all pumped up to go there, but when I went there I was shocked to see more that 45 to 50 women participants just like me.

I had no hopes of getting selected because I did not even own a bike also I hardly used to get to ride. The only thing that was running in my head was to give my best no matter what and learn whatever they thought there. I had no expectation of getting selected there.

It was shocking to hear that I was selected and was in the top 15. That was the beginning of my racing career. I started searching for people who could help with the techniques for the future races. There was nobody to help me but still I didn’t give up.

After few months I got introduced to a team called KAT racing. I left my job my entire career for the passion I had and also to fulfil my dreams.

A glimpse of my first Race ever:

KAT racing helped me, supported and trained me to what I am today. I am still nobody but I want to practice even harder and face more challenges.

What I want to tell people is that never leave hopes on your dreams!

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6) Ms Apoorva Bykadi, your interest also lies in Muay Thai. What is it all about and how is it beneficial.

I started Muay Thai during engineering. Sports always kept me Alive and Energetic than the studies. I used to get trained every day at Monkey Mayhem for MMA/ Muay Thai/ Boxing / CrossFit etc., and also won bronze in the Nationals during that period.

Sports are always beneficial for human physical and mental health! You become strong and you get that confidence to face anything that comes in front of you, even if you aren’t ready for it. And as a girl/woman I feel really safe and strong all time after learning mma/ Muay Thai. I suggest every girl/woman should learn it at least, for the sake of self-defence.

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7) Ms Apoorva Bykadi, being a State level Basketball player what are your biggest learnings and takeaways?

Basketball is the sport that I have practiced for a longer time and taken part in competitions as well. I started when I was in the 7th grade and continued to achieve till my graduation!

Team sports, teaches you a lot of qualities such as team building, Trust, Unity, leadership qualities, Understanding others and their emotions, also helps us to easily adjust in any environment.

I got to travel a lot through sports, and it’s so much fun with a team!! I cannot forget those old memories.

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8) Ms Apoorva Bykadi, surfing thrills you always as a sport. Give some deep insights of Surfing for a beginner?

Well I’m not a pro or something, there is much more for me to learn. When I joined surfing, I didn’t even know how to swim, yet I learnt to surf. So I feel anybody can surf if they really want to.

It’s mostly about exploring, confidence and body balancing skills which will help us improve. I do watch YouTube videos to improve my techniques and it helps a lot.

Also, ‘where you see you go’ whether it’s life or surfing, that’s the motto.

9) Ms Apoorva Bykadi, surfing as a sport is getting recognised in Mangalore slowly. Give a Quick guide to proceed in the field of surfing?

One thing about surfing is, it helps you to improve your body balancing skills, your focus and your stamina. Anybody can surf, there is no restriction. For beginners there will be introduction classes at shore, where they teach us how it works in the sea. Once you get steady, it’s up to you. You should explore and practice to become a better surfer.

Apoorva Bykadi

In Mangalore, there are many surf clubs. I go to ‘Mangalore Surf Club’ which is located in Taneerbavi main beach, it’s a container filled with different types of surfboards, body boards etc.

There are members in our club who compete in National level competitions. There are also localites, foreigners and tourists who participate in surfing.  It’s really fun to surf, helps to relax and to stay energetic. Best thing to do during weekends, holidays or vacations!

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10) Ms Apoorva Bykadi, how adventurous are you?

I don’t know that, but I want to try everything that’s possible in life. Never know what’s tomorrow going to be like, so live your today to the fullest possible, push your limits to the extreme no matter what, so that you never regret of not trying it.

Well, I love adventure also because it keeps me alive! Gives me a lot of energy to do more and keeps my mind fresh.

11) Ms Apoorva Bykadi, being a successful young lady what were the different struggles and hurdles you have faced and how have you overcome it?

Everyone will go through a bad struggle face during their life. One such experience, I would like to share, which would help anyone.

When you want to do something out of the box and you have no experience or exposure on it, but still you want to do it because it’s your dream. At one point during the struggles, there will be none who will understand you or nobody around, to motivate you or support you.

Also everything will seem to be upside down for you. If you give up at that moment, you will never reach your goal, even though you were very close to achieving it. You just have to stand strong to any kind of Storm that strikes you.

You have to just believe in yourself and give your best shot every time. You may win or lose ‘n’ number of times but never stop giving your best. Surely at the end you will Succeed and achieve your goals and everyone will be proud of you and your efforts!

12) Ms Apoorva Bykadi, tell us about your experience working as a ‘Brand Champ’ for the Royal Enfield Mangalore.

 In Royal Enfield Showroom I was working as a ‘Brand champ’.  Basically I had to take up the sales of the flagship vehicles. Make sure that the showroom followed and maintained its standards and Code. Also I got the opportunity to train the newly joined consultants.

I also got opportunities to organise rides for Royal Enfield Mangalore, which was the major reason to join there.


13) Ms Apoorva Bykadi, you have taken up a lot of certified courses. Could you please enlighten us more about it?

All those courses I had taken to develop knowledge and skills in my interest fields. One of the courses, I would like to mention and suggest the Mechanical students is to take up BCAT (Basic course in Automobile technology) – which is about basic and current development in commercial vehicles. This is conducted by NIE-Eicher in Mysore.

14) Ms Apoorva Bykadi, how do you feel as a ‘YouTuber’ and what’s the main purpose of your channel?

Well I just started my channel. I still hesitate to upload videos sometimes. But I will be uploading one by one.

My channel is going to be about the adventures I have tried, the bike rides I have experienced, sports and also I want to share my experiences and how could it be bettered.

I share some creative things that I have tried especially during the lockdown which could be beneficial to others.

So basically it’s going to be about

Travel, Sports & Adventure,

Health and fitness,

DIY’s and jugaads Also fun and entertainment sometimes!

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15) Ms Apoorva Bykadi, what’s the main motto and vision you have in your life?

Nothing is impossible. When you want to achieve something, there will be a lot of negatives, a lot of struggles and also a lot of people who are ready to put you down. Many a times, you will feel demotivated and sometimes you even feel like giving up! Try to take all of them in a positive way, as a challenge and just keep giving your best because hard work always pays off!

16) Ms Apoorva Bykadi, tell us more about your future Aspirations and goals?

 One of my biggest aspirations is to represent my country and make my country proud.

To know more stay tuned with me on my Instagram and YouTube, I will be Uploading/Updating as I achieve them.

You can follow me on Instagram @high_octane_soul or

And also Subscribe my YouTube channel here for future updates:

Thank you Hide Shade for the interview.

Ms Apoorva Bykadi
Ms Apoorva Bykadi

Thank you Ms Apoorva Bykadi. The entire congratulates for your achievements and wishes all the best for you future.

Dear readers, hit the like button below and do comment your question. Ms Apoorva Bykadi, will answer them to you! Thank you.

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An interview with the women achiever of Mangalore: Apoorva Bykadi

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