Exclusive: Meet the person who made Water Harvestments so simple

Exclusive: Meet the person who made Water Harvestments so simple

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A young man of 26 years, owner of Planet Blue Consultancy with successful completion of 55 projects on water harvestments. A renowned Public speaker on Water Management and Harvesting, member and technical advisor of Jala Yodhana Sangha, active member of Indian Catholic Youth Movement. He is none other than Mr Jayson Sandesh Lobo.

Mr Jayson Sandesh Lobo is a Ph.D. scholar at Mangalore University. He has secured 3rd rank in M.Sc. Marine Geology at Mangalore University. He is a resident of Mangalore. Mr Jayson Lobo is an amazing all-rounder and a successful business too.

He has 2 years of work experience as a Field Assistant for the Directorate of Groundwater, Zilla Panchayat, Dakshina Kannada District. Mr Jayson Lobo is currently working as a Professor in the department of Civil at Shri Devi Institute of Technology, Kenjar.

We at Hideshade.com had a brief interview with Mr Jayson Lobo. Here’s the gist of it.

1) Mr Sandesh Lobo, tell us more about your family.

I was born and raised in Elinje near Kinnigoli. My dad is Isac Sanute lobo and mom is Severine Lobo. I have an elder brother named James lobo. I am the youngest child in the family. My brother is married to Wilfreena Lobo and they are happily blessed with a son Ethan Lobo.

Parents bought this place in 1984 and we started living here since then. We cultivate crops like Paddy, Coconut, Arecanut, Pepper, etc. My Dad got retired in 2013 with the service of 37 years from a reputed company in Saudi Arabia.

Mom is a wonderful social worker and she has been honoured with Nirmal Gram puraskar by the then honourable President of India Late APJ Abdul Kalam in 2007. My Brother is an Engineer graduate and MBA holder, currently working for Mangalore Catholic corporation (MCC) Bank. My Sister in law is a Professor at Alvas College for nursing. Our family is always actively involved in church and other social activities.

2) At which point of your life, you felt the importance of Water Harvestment.

As a young boy I realised that Nature is all we have got. I used to attend various social awareness programs along with my mother and I like travelling and observing. I watch a lot of documentaries on nature. Through the journey of my life, I have noticed the pain of nature, and the lack of right work by people. We have been misusing nature, by over consumption and its destruction. I began to involve closely with nature during my Post graduation. When water crisis hit our house during the summer in 2017, I felt that I should do something about it.

I have a Master’s degree in Marine Geology, If not some great research or discovery, I wanted to do something simple out of my education which would help and bring a change in the life of any person. And that’s how I started to learn and put things together.

Rich are able to spend on artificial harvestment methods, but it’s the common man who is suffering more with water crisis. I began my work to reach this mass of people so that I could come up with something simple, easy and cost effective.

3) Tell me why people should focus more on water harvestments? What is its use?

Man is depended on 0.3 % of fresh water which is present on this planet and which has to be shared with 7.5 billion people around the world. Most of it is groundwater. The source of this water is rain. This rain water is slowly squeezed into the soil and rocks which is pulled by gravity. It accumulates at certain zones in the ground to form aquifers. We drill Wells and Borewells to pump water from it.

Man has not observed that he is extracting too much of water than what is flowing back to it. This is a reason why our Bore wells fail. But what does he do? He drills another deep Bore well. This could be a temporary solution to the problem. The actual fact is that the water level of the place is going deep down each year. This is bad.

The Rains may be able to recycle water during its course. But our demand for water increases periodically. We get enough rain water until the month of September. October onwards the water level in our well and bore well starts to decrease. We have to capture water from the upcoming rains and harvest. By this initiative we can meet our needs.

4) What is the work of ‘Planet Blue Consultancy?’

a) We undertake projects on water harvestment systems. Our team of expertise and experience will customize according to the site and plan a good performing water harvestment system.

b) We divine Bore well or open well point scientifically.

c) We give awareness to people by various presentations and programs.

d) We give Geological advice.

5) By working in this field, for many years, how far do you think the people have realised the importance of water harvestments.

Before the industrial era, our ancestors protected nature and harvested water. In the later years, people lost the lack of experience and knowledge to take care of nature and it’s growth. Since many years, only few people have worked extensively to save and conserve water. But the Year 2018-2019 was a remarkable one, as various government schemes, Public and private bodies took a keen interest in harvesting water and implementing the projects.

Due to continuous efforts and awareness, people will sooner adopt a better and sustainable way of living.

6) What is the negative and positive effect of water harvestments?

The need for filtration, its mechanism and the science behind it must be understood. Each site behaves differently. If individual attention is given to the site and a good plan is executed, the project works well for years.

  1. Can’t be implemented to all Bore wells
  2. Rainfall is uneven and unpredictable.
  3. Initial investment for certain site may seem more.
Advantages of Roof Water Harvestment
  1. Provides self-sufficiency to your water supply
  2. Reduces the cost for pumping of groundwater
  3. Provides high-quality water, soft water and mineral less water.
  4. Improves the quality of groundwater through dilution when recharged to groundwater.
  5. Reduces soil erosion in urban areas.
  6. The rooftop rainwater harvesting is less expensive.
  7. Rainwater harvesting systems are simple which can be adopted by individuals.
  8. Rooftop rainwater harvesting systems are easy to construct, operate and maintain.
  9. In hilly terrains, rainwater harvesting is preferred.
  10. In saline or coastal areas, rainwater provides good quality water and when recharged to groundwater, it reduces salinity and also helps in maintaining a balance between the fresh-saline water interfaces.

7) What is the cost, infrastructure involved in this project?

Cost will depend on the site and material used. For a 1500 sq. feet roof, if the bore well or open well is within 15m distance, the total cost will be below 15000. Our filtration is nature friendly, maintenance is minimum and works well for years without changing any material.

8) You are a public speaker, in water harvestments. How do you think it has benefited people?

Not many understand how Geology and ground water behaves. It is a good experience to guide people and make them aware of how things work. So that they can be aware of consuming ground water. In this internet era, we study a lot about various things but not on earth and nature. We don’t exist without nature. This knowledge needs to be shared with the young generation so that they can lead a better life ahead.

9) You are also a rank holder in Marine Geology. Could you please give some tips to top?

I am an average student. How I could secure a rank, is actually quite simple. I studied regularly, did my work in time, prepared my notes, applied practical application of what I learnt and was a good student in academics and extra-curricular activities. Invest a little more effort each day in all the things possible. Most people don’t do these simple things. Even if they do, they don’t stick to it longer and that’s how they don’t succeed.

10) I have heard that PhD has a lot of stress in itself. Being a professor, businessman, how do you manage the stress?

“Human being is a remarkable creature. Man is able to do tremendous work when put into action”. These words keep me going. I try to make the best of my time. Most of the times I organize my day to make it productive. When we are young we must learn and experience a lot, this is how we can grow better. I surround myself with positive people and thoughts. I also workout 70 min every day. It helps me think better and maintain a good health.

At times it is difficult. I try to manage time for all of my duties. My credit and gratitude goes to my family, friends, seniors, colleagues and guide. They are the ones who have helped me in each step of my life. Because of their help, support, and encouragement I have been able to push a little further and able to do my day time job, Business and research better.

11) Share your experience as a Field Assistant

This was my first so called job. It’s a government office called ‘Directorate of groundwater’. It is in this office, that I learnt many new and important things for life. Blessed to have a good boss who encouraged me to learn new and good things. We were few in the office and this is why we had to learn most of the things, which actually helped me to understand how to run an office.

I got a good exposure to the field work. Our work included monitoring water levels of bore well and open wells, water sampling, Ground water diving, Field visits, Inspecting and monitoring Bore well rigs, drilling bore wells, organising awareness programs to schools, government workers and public, hydrogeological survey, writing reports, data entry, online and offline data management, and so on.

12) You have participated in many seminars, courses and trainings. What is your learning from it?

Knowledge from books is easily lost if it’s not put into action. We need activities that teach us more than books and class. I have gained a lot from many people, by attending various seminars and workshops in the nation. With knowledge, I was able to learn various cultures, and customs of our country. All these experiences help me think in a wide spectrum.

13) Tell us something about your ground water diving training?

We studied groundwater and diving groundwater during our post-graduation classes. We were demonstrated the practical applications as well. After joining Directorate of groundwater, I got a better exposure, training and practical knowledge to divine water.

14) You are also a member of couch surfing. Please throw more light on it?

Couch surfing is a platform that helps people to travel and explore like a local. I like travelling, and when I was watching a TED talk of a traveller who went around the world without spending money. This concept hit me, I began to learn more about this. Soon I found about a platform called Couchsurfing.

Once I became a member, I was able to either host travellers or I could look for host at the place I was travelling. Here travellers get a chance to know more about the place, culture and custom. It is a fascinating experience to learn from the people with various backgrounds. I have hosted a few travellers from Russia, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Other states in India. Interacting with them gives us a better prospect of life around the world that we don’t get to see in TV or internet.

15) What was your learning and experience as a technical advisor of Jala Yodhana Sangha

Mr Franky is the president of Jala Yodhara Sangha. With his leadership this group had started couple of years ago. The members are keen in harvesting water and preserving nature. I give my service by meeting people, sharing knowledge and giving free plans for harvesting water. Members have been doing good work by various means towards nature. This kind of activity seems a must in the era that we are living.

16) What is that you feel is the need of the hour in Mangalore?

We are a growing city with this our demand for resources will increase. My suggestion is to implement work that would bring sustainability in the city along with its growth. More focus should be on growing forest and making the best use of resources and recycling it.

17) Share your experience with Youth hostel association of India?

I like exploring nature, taking the path less taken. Youth hostel association of India is just what I was looking for. This is an international association and is a lifetime member through Mangalore unit. Mangalore YHAI undertakes one hike/ trek each month from past 27 years. It’s an non-profit/ loss manner of carrying out adventure programs and providing hostel facilities across the globe.

We explore deep forests, mountains etc. With special care taken not to disturb nature in any form. Also we voluntarily give our service to society and nature. This organization gets me closer to nature and has taught me to live with minimum resources that contradict our hotel tourism experience. It’s a good platform to chat and learn from people of various walks of life.

18) What message you would like to give to the readers of this article.

It is sometimes sad that young minds of today are not investing time and energy to do anything productive. Most of our time is misused with activities that give temporary satisfaction. Yes, some fun is necessary. From my mistakes and learning what I suggest is : along with fun, we as youngsters should start reading books, get involved in social work, Learn a new skill, travel and take care of health. We are slowly losing these important things that will help us have a better life.

We have enough people already to do office work. The future needs more farmers and volunteers to work for nature and animals. One needs to think on this.

I have known that discipline and consistent smart/ hard work helps in achieving any success. Do the things that will bring closer to your goals. Each minute that you don’t invest on it, will take you one step away from your goal. This is why hang on to it, success is yours.

Thank you so much Mr Sandesh Lobo. It was a pleasure to discuss with you. We wish u all the success in your future projects from the team of Hideshade.com.

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Exclusive: Meet the person who made Water Harvestments so simple

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  1. Thank you Dr Jayson. Very touching & very powerful .Included hard work, humility, passion,fun,philosophy.All the ingradients
    Jala Yodharu proud to have u with us.

    To add what you said. ” A belief shared by medicsl & physical education experts that the human body is capable of fantastic effoorts & it will respond favourably to maximal work load as long rest , the right kind of food ,high morale & good incentives are present. Robert Franklin Rego Malavoor/ Bajpe.

  2. I immensely enjoyed reading interview with Dr Jayson Lobo. Congratulations. I possible I wish to reproduce the interview in the daijiworld magazine both in our print and online version. Awaiting permission.
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    Editor in chief

  3. After reading the blog I can understand how important water harvesting
    Every individual must contribute something to nature


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