Ms Wencita Dias: Miss Teen World Supermodel-Global

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Ms Wencita Dias: Miss Teen World Supermodel-Global

Ms Wencita Dias hails from Mangalore. She is currently pursuing her Pre University College Studies (Science). A very dynamic and talented youth. She has won many prizes, one among which is at the international level. Recognising her talent and skills, has taken her interview which is as follows.

1) Ms Wencita Dias, tell us about your childhood and your family?

Ms Wencita Dias

I was born on January 1st in 2003 and brought up in Mangalore. I did my studies in St Agnes School. I reside in Nagori with my Grandparents, my mom, dad and elder sister. My dad works in Saudi Arabia. My mom is the queen of the house. My sister completed her Bachelor’s Degree at Father Muller Medical College.

2) Ms Wencita Dias, tell us about your achievements?

a) Won Konkan Baal competition at the Diocese level at 4 years age.

b) Won the title ‘MISSY MANGALORE’ in the year 2013.

c) I have acted in 2 Religious movies.

d) National Level Poem Reciter.

e) Won speech competitions at various levels and Hosted events too.

f)  I have acted the role of ‘ST AGNES’ in a Christmas programme conducted by White Doves.

g) In a beauty pageant competition held in July 2019, won the subtitle ‘MISS MANGALORE’ and also backed the Main title as ‘MISS TEEN KARNATAKA 2019’ and was selected for International level.

h) In the International beauty pageant competition held at Bangkok, Thailand I won the subtitle as ‘FASHION ICON’ and won the Title as ‘MISS TEEN WORLD SUPER MODEL-GLOBAL’

i) I have even acted in an Album song.

3) Ms Wencita Dias, What/Who inspired you to choose modeling/acting as a future career?

Since childhood I had interest in acting and always wanted to be an actor. When I was 10 years old, I participated in ‘MISSY MANGALORE’ competition and also won it, so that was a stepping stone. Soon after winning, I had an aim set in my mind to enter the acting field.

4) Ms Wencita Dias, how did your family/relatives react when you first expressed your dream to be a model / actor?

They encouraged me a lot, but until 10th STD they asked me to focus on my studies. My mother is my support system. My entire Family had come for my ‘MISS TEEN KARNATAKA’ beauty pageant to cheer and encourage. I am indeed grateful to my entire family.

5) Ms Wencita Dias, you have won the title ‘Fashion Icon’, can you tell us more about it?

We had grooming for 3 days when I had participated for the international beauty pageant. We had to dress nicely and differently. So, on this basis we were judged. I wore Designer dresses matching sandals, shoes and also did various hairstyles. On that basis I won the title as ‘FASHION ICON’.

6) Ms Wencita Dias, tell us your experience at the International event in Thailand?

It was a wonderful experience. I came to know about the rituals. There were models from various countries with whom I made a lot of friends. I tasted different kind of food. I was nervous at the beginning but later I was fine. Truly, I created a lot of memories which I am going to cherish for the life time.

7) Ms Wencita Dias, you are in the process of building your career and at the same time you are pursuing your studies too. How do you manage both simultaneously?

My mom always tells education is must. It is definitely difficult to manage both but with my college support and my Family’s encouragement I was able to manage both. I do acting videos or albums songs during holidays or during my free time. But when exams approach, I only focus on exams. I give more importance to my education also I don’t let my acting passion down.

8) Ms Wencita Dias, did your college encourage/support you? If yes, in what way?

Yes, they encouraged me a lot. They helped me in my studies, teachers explained the topics again which I missed due to my international beauty pageant. When I came back with a crown, I was felicitated and had a grand welcome. My College had displayed a poster outside the college and congratulated me. I was overwhelmed.

9) Ms Wencita Dias, apart from modeling and acting what are the other fields that you’re interested in?

Apart from these, I am a wonderful dancer, I play keyboard, National level poem recieter, won many elocution competition and was the emcee for few functions.

10) Ms Wencita Dias, what are your future plans/goals?

My present future plan is to have a Degree and later pursue my acting passion.

11) Ms Wencita Dias, can anyone become an actor as per you?

Yes, if you have the interest, passion and if you work hard definitely success will follow you .

12) Ms Wencita Dias, according to you, what are the criteria’s required to be an actor/model?

You need to be dedicated and hardworking. In addition you should have a good physique and height.

13) Ms Wencita Dias, which of the roles in acting is most challenging according to you? Why?

There is nothing such as difficult thing, you have to just keep yourself in that place and feel the role. Until and unless you feel the role you won’t be able to be a good actor.

14) Ms Wencita Dias, with which actor would you like to work if you were given a chance in Bollywood films?

I would love to act with Vicky Kaushal. I find him very hardworking, humble and down to earth. Whatever he has achieved is due to his determination.

15) Ms Wencita Dias, tell us one such incident in your life that is unforgettable/memorable one?

As I told my mom is my support system and at each and every step she was with me. As soon as I won the Title ‘MISS TEEN WORLD SUPER MODEL GLOBAL’ I came running down and placed the crown on my mom’s head and at that time tears started flowing through her eyes. I just can’t explain that feeling. This is the unforgettable moment in my life.

16) Ms Wencita Dias, give a short message to those who are aspiring to be an actor/model.

As the saying goes, “Never Dream for Success but work for it.” No one is perfect. Failures will definitely come your way. But learn from your mistakes. Work hard with utmost dedication and for sure you will be successful. Thank you!

Thank you Ms Wencita Dias for sharing with us your success story and for encouraging the aspiring actors. It was indeed nice to take your interview. The entire team congratulates you for all your achievements and wishes all the best for your future. May all your dreams come true. Thank you.

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Ms Wencita Dias: Miss Teen World Supermodel-Global

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