Meet Br Royster Monis SJ, A Gem in God’s hands

Meet Br Royster Monis SJ, A Gem in God’s hands

Br Royster Monis SJ

Br Royster Monis SJ hails from Baskal, Chickmagaluru. Currently he resides in Mangalore and he is pursuing his Final year Studies at St Aloysius College, Mangaluru. Br Royster Monis SJ has been awarded for singing, editor of 3 magazines, the most serviceable out going student of the year 2019-2020 awarded by St Aloysius College, Mangaluru and so on. Recognizing his love towards the Society of Jesus, has taken his interview which is as follows

1) Br Royster, tell us about your childhood and your family?

Childhood is always an unforgettable part in everyone’s life.  My childhood in Malenadu (fondly call Chickmagaluru) was a beautiful journey. We are 5 at home. My Parents, granny, younger brother and me. These are my friends inside the house and I had very many friends outside the house. Among all the beautiful memories attending the Church Choir, Playing Cricket, stealing fruits from the Convent stand at the top.  When it comes to the school, we enjoyed our talents day, sports day and in fact, very rarely the studies.

2) Br Royster, can you give a short introduction about Jesuits/Society of Jesus?

Society of Jesus was approved in the year 1540 by Pope Paul III. St Ignatius, along with his companions founded this religious congregation. The spark that he lit that day is now spread all over the world. The members of this Congregation are called the ‘Jesuits’. There are almost 16,500 Jesuits today serving selflessly in various missions.   

3) Br Royster, when and how did you hear the call of God?

This is a very beautiful experience that any religious would love to recap and relish it. Hearing God’s call is not like that of Moses and the burning bush, Joseph and the angel, etc. Every religious has their own experience. Such one is mine. In the year 2011, I was studying in 10th standard. I came across the Jesuits of Bombay province and their work and was very much moved with that. I deeply realized that this way of life (Priestly) would give me happiness in life always in the service of others and I believe that very first experience is the call I heard from God.

4) Br Royster, how did your parents and relatives react when you first said them that you would like to join the Jesuits?

No words from the relatives. However, my parents did not oppose my decision. They asked me to take time to decide and go on with what I feel. I was convinced with my decision. Hence, I got approval from my parents. Yes, even today they are my main supporting pillars for this way of life.

5) Br Royster, who can join the Jesuit congregation? Can one join the Jesuits after completing his higher studies?

Any person below the age of 50, unmarried, can join the Congregation. Yes, one can join the Jesuits after completing the higher studies. 

6) Br Royster, can you tell us the stages involved right from the start till the ordination?

  1. Pre-novitiate:- Early education (PUC) (2 years)
  2. Novitiate:- Intense Spiritual days (2 years)
  3. Juniorate:- Language studies (1 year)
  4. Degree studies: – UG studies (3 years)
  5. Philosophy (2 years)
  6. Regency (2 years)
  7. Higher studies:- PG studies (2 years)
  8. Theology (4 years)

7) Br Royster, which stage among the above is challenging according to you and why?

There is nothing called challenging stage of life. Each stage is very beautiful, filled with a lot experiences and forms a formee to be a better human being. It all depends on the one whether to take the life challenging or just face it and enjoy the experience.

8) Tell us your journey in the Society of Jesus till today?

I started my journey from Loyola pre-novitiate, Mangaluru. Then I moved to Mount St Joseph novitiate for my intense spiritual formation. After which I was sent to Trivandrum for my Juniorate for language study and finally I am here at Asha Kiran, Mangaluru pursuing my UG studies at St Aloysius College, Mangaluru.

Each stage of formation has formed me a better person what I am today. All that I am good at today is because of the Society of Jesus. I know I am weak but I know that I am good for something. The love that I have been receiving everywhere I went is the greatest gift that I have received in this way of life. I have faced the challenges and I have converted those challenges into opportunities. I have overcome them and I succeeded. Yes, I am prepared for anything. I do believe in this.  

9) How do you manage your academic studies and formation studies simultaneously?

We actually do not have something called ‘Simultaneous’ works. That is why the Society of Jesus takes responsibility in forming a Jesuit formee carefully with specific mission (Studies). Coming to this point, I am a college student in the college but also a religious person in my way of life. That is how like any other Jesuit I too manage this stage of formation. 

10) At which stage of formation one can write ‘SJ’ (Society of Jesus) after his name?

A Jesuit can write SJ after his name after making his first vows or profession. That is after two years of Novitiate formation.

11) Can Jesuits have personal vehicles or Bank Accounts?

Certainly a big NO. We make the vow of Poverty. Having been pronounced this vow, having bank account or personal vehicles are against the vow. We do not own anything. However, for the mission purpose and works we do make use of the above requirements. 

12) Can you tell us about the Superior General of the Society of Jesus and about his visit to Mangalore?

Superior general of the Society of Jesus is the head of the congregation. He resides in Rome. He remains in that post for lifetime, a special privilege that our congregation has. Our present Superior general is Fr Arturo Sosa SJ from Venezuela. He visited Mangaluru on 1st of March, 2018.

13) Is Pope Francis the first Jesuit Pope?

Yes, Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope. I am very happy that the world looks Upto him when it comes to lead a better human life of love care and concern for other human beings and the Nature, our another Mother. 

14) What message would you like to give to your fellow brothers who are in their formation stage?

The life you have chosen is a blessed gift that you have given to yourself. Take care of that well. You may not be a qualified person but know that you will be qualified over the years. You are a blessing to the Church, blessing to the congregation and a blessing to all who look Upto you. Trust in the one who has called you for this way of life and live your life happily. Be what you are dear precious one. Believe that success has no full stops but just commas. Just continue to bring out the greatness in you every day.

15) Br Royster, what message would you like to give to those who are aspiring to become Jesuits?

You who are aspiring to become Jesuits, dear friends, the Society of Jesus have opened its door for you. You will surely discover the abundant gifts of God that is awaited for you. Surely you will be able to bring out the great hidden person within you. Be sure, if you have made a point to join the Jesuits then you are joining the big family that will give you all the love you need and all that you need. 

Thank you Br Royster Monis SJ for sharing your experience and for motivating those who are aspiring to become Jesuits. The entire Team wishes you good luck and success in your life.

Meet Br Royster Monis SJ, A Gem in God’s hands

5 thoughts on “Meet Br Royster Monis SJ, A Gem in God’s hands

  1. Dear Roy,
    It’s beautiful to see your deep love for the mother society. Certainly your words will inspire many young guys to join jesuits. Beautifully you have explained the ways of the society. Feel proud and happy to see you are shining. Keep growing, mother society loves you a lot.

  2. Congratulation Bro. Royster for your frank opinions and right information given as per the questions posed. Nice to see you branching out, by giving expression to your God given talents. Years ago I had an opportunity to see you as a holy lad, full of life. Same zest has continued till date. Hats off to you. May your tribe increase.

  3. Very good and informative interview of Bro. Royster Monis SJ. It’s a very honest and clear view and opinions by him. All the best for his present studies and future endeavours. God bless you Royster.

  4. Thank you matured articles for recognising me. Thank you for that interaction with meaningful question and answers. All the best to your team. Do continue this great work and bring to light many hidden achievers so that the world know them.

    1. God bless you Roster. Was very impressed in your articles. Remember many are invited but only few are chosen. You are one of them. Please keep up the good work and very soon we will have a Jesuit priest in our family. Through you we all will be blessed. Your simple answers to all the questions asked made the whole picture clear for all like you to join you there. Once again God bless you and very soon we would see as a Jesuit priest in Mumbai.


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