Meet Ms Namrasha N Ganiga: National and State level Winner in WUSHU (Boxing) and Dirty Track Competition

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Meet Ms Namrasha N Ganiga: National and State level Winner in WUSHU (Boxing) and Dirty Track Competition

Ms Namrasha N Ganiga

Ms Namrasha hails from Mangalore, Karnataka. She has won several prizes in both National and State Level competitions. Her love towards WUSHU (Boxing) and Dirty Track race has made her to win these many prizes. To win in each competition she has gone through many difficulties which she has shared in her interview with In spite of several challenges in life she has never given up on her dreams. Currently she is pursuing her MBA in Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management, Adyar, Mangalore.

Ms Namrasha has indeed set an example for all of us and especially for the young women all over the country. Recognising her enthusiasm, courage and dedication towards sports and activities has taken her interview which is as follows.

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1) Ms Namrasha, tell us about your family and about your childhood?

I was born to a beautiful couple of Nagesh B and Vidya Nagesh. I have 2 elder siblings, Natasha and Nandisha. My parents were expecting me to be a boy child but unfortunately was a girl child. I would like to thank god for giving me such a wonderful parents. I would be nothing without my parents support.

2) Tell us about your School and College life?


As a child I was very much interested in sports and never missed any opportunities coming my way. I got 2nd place in running race competition when I was in standard second and that was my first medal of life.

Later I joined karate class. When I was in class 5th I was selected to take part in national level competition where I bagged 1st place.  My parents, teachers, friends and relatives were my great supporter.

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3) Ms Namrasha, you achievements in WUSHU (Boxing) is indeed wonderful. So how it all started?

As I was into Karate I bagged so many prizes. My karate sir (Kishore sir) understood my capability and encouraged me to join WUSHU (Boxing).

I was selected to take part in state level WUSHU competition which was held in Bagalkote were I got 1st place and was selected to represent our state in the National level WUSHU competition which was held in Chandigarh, Punjab. Here I was qualified in best 8 players and was selected to take part in National Federation Cup which was held in Shillong and bagged 3rd place in the year 2018.

Currently I am perusing my MBA in SAHYADRI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT, Adyar, Mangalore.

I was selected to take part in All India Inter University competition (National Level) which was held in Punjab University, Punjab. Where there were 53 competitors in my weight category (70-75kg) from different universities all around India. Here I secured 2nd place. And it was the first national level medal to our college (Sahyadri College).

4) What are the challenges or difficulties that you faced during your training for WUSHU (Boxing)?

I have being trained for 11 years till now. As you know we have to spend lots of money for sports. And that itself was the major problem were I had to spend around 30,000 – 35,0000 for competition (which included food, travelling, entry fee and much more).

5) What should one do in order to learn WUSHU (Boxing)?

I always say that my sir was the one who introduced WUSHU (Boxing) in my life. All you need is courage and self-motivation. No one can force you if you yourself is not interested.  I learned WUSHU (Boxing) in Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Mangalore.

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6) Who is/are the source of inspiration in your life?

My mom is the greatest inspiration in my life. And my mom is the one who motivates me in every aspects of my life. Mom is the one who know the best in us, she is the one who loved and encouraged the most.

7) Tell us about your interest in riding bike?

As a child I was very much interested in learning to ride bike. I started to ride bike when I was in standard 5th. I’m very much fascinated in riding bike. I used to ride my dad’s bike (TVS Victor) till age of 18.

I used to always watch motorsport events in television which encouraged me to join Dirt track. I first took part in dirt track competition in the year 2018 which was held in Bajpe, Mangalore were I secured 2nd place. Later I took part in many similar competitions.

In Chikamagalore I secured 1st place and in Derlakatte near KS hedge hospital I secured 2nd place. I always wanted to take part in national level competition but I did not receive any support and hence for time being I had to drop this dream. I still hope that I may get a chance in the near future.

8) How did your parents encourage when you first expressed your interest in WUSHU (Boxing) and Bike race?

My parents were very much happy about my achievements. In the beginning, my parents were not allowing me to take part in dirt track competition. But I never gave up on my dreams.

Later as the days went by, my parents supported me. My mom always came along with me for any dirt track competitions which were held outside the district.

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9) Apart from the activities mentioned above, what other activities or hobbies do you possess?

At my free time I practice saxophone, do workouts, bake cakes and take up tuitions as a part time job.

I always wanted Mangalore to have more women bike riders so I started to encourage and teach two wheeler, both with and without gear for women. 

10) At present we see women coming up in various fields. What suggestions or message would you like to give them out of your own experience and achievements?

I’m so glad to see that now women are almost in all the fields of work and competing with men. The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.

Be an independent woman. Never let your dreams remain as a dream. Be strong and never let yourself down. We just need to believe in ourselves.

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11) What are the future plans or goals in life?

Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never let anyone know my dream or goal in life until it is achieved. I’m currently focusing on my aim.

Thank you Ms Namrasha! It was indeed nice to know about you and your wonderful achievements as a youth. You are indeed a live example for all the women out there saying, “There is nothing called impossible for a woman.” This interview has surely encouraged many young women.

The entire Team Congratulates you on achieving National and State level prizes. At the same time we wish you all the very best for future. May all your dreams and wish come true.

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Thank you! 

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Meet Ms Namrasha N Ganiga: National and State level Winner in WUSHU (Boxing) and Dirty Track Competition

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