Interview with the II PU topper of Dakshina Kannada: Ms Reshel Bretney Fernandes

Interview with the II PU topper of Dakshina Kannada: Ms Reshel Bretney Fernandes

An excellent achievement of a Mangalorean girl from Dakshina Kannada with outstanding marks of 587/600 with the best percentage of 97.80 is indeed a proud moment for the state. Standing as the first topper of Dakshina Kannada and also being a seventh topper of the state, she is a proud student of the Arts stream.

Here is the gist of the conversation we had with the II PUC Topper Ms Reshel Bretney Fernandes.

1) Congratulations Ms Reshel Bretney Fernandes, on making it to the top seventh position in the State and No. 1 topper in Dakshina Kannada district. How are you feeling at the moment?

First of all I thank God and our foundress Mother Veronica for helping me to attain success. I feel extremely happy by this success as my hard work is paid off. I had worked very hard for this achievement.

Ms Reshel Bretney Fernandes

2) Ms Reshel Bretney Fernandes, tell us how many marks you have scored in each subject and the percentage attained.

I got 587/600 (97.80%) with 100 in four subjects – History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology and 97 in Hindi, 90 in English.

3) How did you prepare for your exams? What are the different strategies you had designed to make your studies smoother?

I worked very hard for this. I used maximum amount of time for studies. I had fixed a particular time for studies in my mind. Along with it, I was active in all the cultural activities during the two years. This helped me to be better at my studies.

I managed both studies and extra-curricular equally, with the appropriate time for both. There are no particular techniques which I have used. But I always ensured that I studied perfectly with minimum mistakes and completed the study before exams.

I did not keep any portion to study at the last moment. I practiced until my answers were perfect. I helped my friends during the study time thus, making myself better at my own studies.

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4) Ms Reshel Bretney Fernandes, Have you taken tuitions for your preparation?

No. I did not take any tuition. I felt that self-study was the best for me and I studied in my own way.

5) What is the role of your college teachers in the exam preparation?

The Principal of my College Ladyhill Victoria PU College – Sr Ujwala AC was supportive in my academics and also in the cultural activities. She used to motivate me all the time.

Even my lecturers always helped me to clear all the doubts that I had and gave me guidance to study. They encouraged me to achieve a rank in the exam. They supported me during my practice to score well.

The non-teaching staff of our college also gave me a lot of support, especially my college clerk Mrs Flavia Baptist who encouraged me during the cultural activities and also encouraged me to do well in the academics. My peer group was always very supportive during any of ups and downs. We all together worked like a family for this success.

6) Ms Reshel Bretney Fernandes, Tell us about your family and tell us how they guided you?

I thank my parents whole heatedly for being very supportive all the time. My parents came along with me for all the cultural activities that I went for. My parents supported my opinion and helped me whenever I need them. When I felt some negativity they gave me guidance to focus on positive aspects. When things did not work, they told me to ‘try and try again’.

My sister, my nephew and my brother in law always had been supportive and encouraged me to study well. My grandmas and all my family members always gave me good suggestions.

7) Ms Reshel Bretney Fernandes, which is your most favourite subject and why?

Actually, I consider all the subjects that are connected to arts as my favourite. I like them because my interest lies in the field of social science as they are more theoretical.

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8) What are the different challenges and hurdles you have faced while preparing for your exams.

There were minor hurdles that were solvable. As I planned well there were no much hurdles by God’s grace. But one problem was that due to COVID-19 our one exam (English) got postponed. So there was a lot of confusion whether exams would be conducted or not.

It was a time where we could neither focus on other activities nor study. Somehow I managed to be in touch with the books. I can say this was the biggest hurdle I felt. During second year I didn’t take any negativity in my mind. I kept myself focused.The Student Prayer Book: Overcome Personal Challenges & Temptations;Develop Calm & Confidence to Excel in Your Studies: PLUS Powerful Prayers for Wisdom, Favor, Protection, Success in Studies & Exams

9) Ms Reshel Bretney Fernandes, students usually complain that Arts is difficult. Is it so?

Yes. It is not easy to study arts as it is based on memorization and theory. We need to learn a lot and even write a lot. But if anyone has interest in it he/she can easily study. Even getting full marks is a difficult task. But I overcame it as I studied accurately.

10) Ms Reshel Bretney Fernandes, what are your future plans in academics?

I want to pursue graduation with subjects like History, Economics and Political science. Then pursue studies in law. If possible write any competitive exams.

11) Ms Reshel Bretney Fernandes, what is the biggest dream of your life?

The biggest dream of my life is to fulfil my goal and bring a smile on my parent’s face.

Ms Reshel Bretney Fernandes

12) Why did you choose arts as your combination?

As it is rightly said, “The success is the reflection of your interest.” I was very interested in Social science during my school days. Even I like thinking about society and their problems. So I rightly felt that I can fulfil it in Arts.

I like theory more than practical. Moreover I have interest in writing. I like watching historical serials. This enhanced my interest in the field of arts. Therefore I decided to choose arts.

13) Ms Reshel Bretney Fernandes, choosing Arts as a combination can be a stronger foundation for a better future. Britney what are your views on this?

Yes of course. The base of human being is humanity. Arts combination has a good future. There are various fields where a person can get a job quick. Like Social work, Psychology, Human Resource, Law, Home Science, Economics have wonderful opportunities in the career sector. These subjects are job oriented and also considered important for the tertiary sectors.

My dear friends please focus on your dreams and achieve it.

Finally I would thank for the interview of my achievements. Thank you

It was indeed wonderful interacting with you Ms Reshel Bretney Fernandes. The team Hideshade, wishes you all the best for your future.

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Interview with the II PU topper of Dakshina Kannada: Ms Reshel Bretney Fernandes

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