Mr. Patson Pereira: The Most talented and popular Music Director, Music Producer and Sound Engineer of Mangalore

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Mr Patson Pereira: The Most talented and popular Music Director, Music Producer and Sound Engineer of Mangalore

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Mr Patson is a well-known Music Director, Music Producer of Mangalore. He owns a studio named ‘Patma Digitalz’ where he works as a Music Programmer, Composer, Sound engineer and Vocalist. He is a qualified Sound Engineer in Music Production, Audio Technologies and Sound Design.

As a talented kid, Mr Patson started his music career at the age of 8. He is a grade holder in Music in instruments like Guitar, Drums and Keyboard from the Trinity College, London. He has also worked as a Sound Engineer in Dubai. Presently, he works as the Music Director for various movies and albums. Mr Patson is also recognised as ‘The Youngest Music Arranger’. Mr Patson is the an active Guitarist and co-vocalist of the ‘BAND CHARITHRA.’

He has worked on projects from popular movies like ChandiKori (Tulu movie), Guddedha Bootha (Tulu), Rangolu (Kannada), Manasa (Konkani), Ashem Zale Kashem (Konkani), Barsa (Tulu), Incha Anda Yencha (Tulu), Madhav (Hindi), Mangalore to Goa (Konkai), Zanvoy No.1 (Goan and Konkani), Benddkar (Konkani), Kudla Café (Tulu) and many more.

Mr. Patson has also worked on Music Albums like Guitar Jadoo (Konkani Instrumental), Thembe Thembe (Konkani), Mukesh unplugged (Dr. Anwar Shaeik, UAE), Dosti (Hindi), Thuje Khatir (Konkani) and the list goes on and on.

Theme songs and Music Videos: Include creating Theme songs for ICYM (DYC), St. Aloysius college theme song, Karnataka Bank Theme, Genada Nade (Tulu) folk song.

Mr. Patson’s association has also been with Daijiwold Television, Konani Telefilms, Radio Sarang (107.8 FM), Royston Pinto, Robin Cutinho, Maxim Pereira and Royston Pinto.

Here is the quick interview with our most amazing, talented and handsome young music Director of Mangalore, Mr. Patson Pereira.

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1) Mr Patson, you come from a very talented family background. Please tell us more about your family.

Yes, I do come from a musical family background. Therefore, music was the first language that was taught to me right from the childhood at home. My dad, Mr. Patrick Pereira is a well-known live and session musician and a vocalist. He has been my Mentor and a Guru when it comes to music.

My mother, Mrs. Wilma Pereira is also a professional singer since a very long time and she has sung for several bands, shows, albums & movies. I have a younger sibling named Palma Pereira, who is currently pursuing her graduation studies. Overall, I have been supported by my wife Mrs.Rasha Pereira who is a Psychologist by profession and a keen music lover.

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2) Mr Patson, what is the place of Music in your life?

As I have built my career in Music and reached to this level, ‘Music’ no wonder in all aspects has played a very important role in my life. I have placed music on a very higher note in my life. It has a great impact over me and hence I have made it as my priority. Music has been my daily routine now and there is no such day where I can live without music.

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3) Mr Patson, tell us more about your experience as a professional Sound Engineer and a Music Director.

Well, since my dad was doing a lot of recording sessions during the early days of his career for many albums and movies, as a kid I was always enthusiastic. I always accompanied him to the recording studios and usually got fascinated with the things that were happening there.

The equipment in the studio, the process of recording, making of music, audio-technical processes and also a bunch of musicians, lyricists, composers and audio engineers coming together in creating a song all these, built an interest in me and took me ahead to make a lot of research on it. This made me to focus on building a career as a Sound Engineer and a Music Director/Producer.

Later I pursued my studies in Audio Engineering (Sound design & Audio media) from the Ocean Institute of Audio Technology, Kaulalumpur, Malaysia. After completing my studies, from Malaysia, I came back to Mangalore. After joining my family and musicians friends, I started working as an Assistant for many senior musicians and Music Directors for shows, recordings and production of music for them.

Slowly after a long wait of patience and perseverance, I got recognized for my work and from there, I started working as a professional Sound Engineer and a Music Director/Producer for many albums and films.

4) Mr Patson, you have worked on big projects from Bollywood and Sandalwood as Music Director, Producer. Tell us how it all began?

Yes, it was like a dream come true for me when I worked with my favorite Bollywood singers and other popular celebrity singers and to have their voice on my compositions. I believe that, all this happened only due to the blessings from the almighty and by the support of my Family members, especially my dad.

Since my dad used to tour overseas as a Guitarist, he was very fortunate enough to perform with the legendary musicians like Sonu Nigam, late Adeesh Shrivasthav, Jaspinder Narula, Nadeem Shravan and many others.

I was lucky enough to develop contacts with the Bollywood musicians and that’s how I approached the popular singers like Armaan Malik, Nakash Aziz, Kk , Mohit Chauhan to record for me and that inturn helped me to build my relation with the great Bollywood Sound Engineers and their studios.

I feel so humbled when my work has been accepted and appreciated by the Bollywood vocalists & engineers with whom I have worked so far. So it has been a great experience as well as a great learning from all these years.

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5) Mr Patson, you are a part of the band group. What is the primary purpose of this band?

Yes I do perform for a band named “Charitra”, where I play lead guitars. I am also a co- vocalist where I am backed by amazing musicians like Melwyn Antony D’souza (vocalist), Sharwin Maben (vocalist) Rikith Soans (bassist), Loy Valentine Saldanha( keys/co vocals) and Ian Sachin Saldanha(drums/co vocals) who are my band mates. As a band, we perform a lot of Desi, Rock, Western & Regional music, where we have composed several original songs and albums.

We have also rendered music for various advertisements and for many corporate companies. As a band, we have also performed in different regions within India and overseas countries like the United Kingdom(UK), Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Doha Qatar etc. The band’s primary purpose is to give a unique style of music from our performance and production to the young and the old music lovers.

6) Mr Patson, you design studios as well. What are the 7 major things you keep in mind while designing.

In the past few years, I have been designing several studios as well as a lot of acoustic spaces whether it was an Audio studio technical design or with the sound proof acoustic interiors right from the scratch.

Things that I keep in mind, is the Professionalism in the Studio Design (Control room & Dubbing room), sophisticated materials required, proper acoustic treatment to avoid audio reflections, Accurate sound proofing to avoid external disturbances, Industry standard equipment and necessary gears to have creative production, also openness to up gradation, so that the studio can be modified or updated on generation changes.

Finally, the client satisfaction on being the proprietor.

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7) Mr Patson, how do you feel about your journey so far as a Music Director, Producer, Sound Engineer and as a Music teacher?

As a music director, I feel blessed that I’m into this field which I always wanted to pursue. To create a brand name and image it’s really hard and takes time. Initially, it was not as easy as I had to prove my work and showcase my talent to get recognized in the industry. I had to put in a lot of efforts in order to get my work accepted by the producers. I would like to express my gratitude to all who have been with me, rendered their love, support and guidance throughout.

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I have always been innovative in the projects that I have worked on. In the long run, I have won the hearts of all the viewers and this has helped me grow and develop my skills and be more creative. Moreover, being a Sound Engineer and a Music Producer, I have an excellent ear for music and I have the ability to work on multiple tasks. Every day, has been a learning process and nothing would stop me from getting better.

I will definitely prove myself in the upcoming projects. Mainly, I am always grateful to the people, my listeners who have supported me by showering their love towards my music which has brought me to this stage in life and also for what I am today in the field of music.

8) Mr Patson, your parents are well known singers. What were the qualities you always tried to steal from them?

My parents are the best examples for living their lives in simplicity and humbleness. I have imbibed these qualities in my professional and personal life. I have also learnt to respect and motivate the artists. I always try to Help and Guide them for a brighter future.

9) Mr Patson, what is that one quality in you that differentiates you from the crowd?

Being a Music Director, it involves creating a melody, choosing the best singer who fits well with the song and then the production of song which includes a lot of technical things, Hard Work, Patience & Many Sleepless Nights which makes the process very interesting. This is what makes me a lot different from the crowd because they look up to me for good music and I work to entertain them.

10) Mr Patson, it is indeed great, that at a young age, you own a studio named ‘Patma Digitalz’. How do you feel about it? What sort of services you give there.

It was my dad’s dream to have a studio of our own. So after a lot of hard work, performing for numerous sessions and live shows we were able to create a decent remuneration. Thus, we were successful in setting up our own audio studio named “Patma Digitalz”, where all music really happens from the scratch to the master whether it’s an album or a movie. In short, we provide all types of audio solutions at our studio from composing, recording, production, mixing and mastering.

11) Mr Patson, you have worked with so many big shot personalities. What was your major learning’s from them?

I should say that, those are the golden moments of my life. Yes, working with celebrity artists has mainly taught me to be more professional in my work. It has also taught me to be a great human being too. It has also built up in me a great perfection which I will always cherish. It was amazing to have a lot of fun and chatting during the sessions or before and after the sessions which helped me to expand my career. End of the day it was learning from both the ends for us by sharing our knowledge.

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12) ‘Music soothes pain’. Mr Patson, has music healed you at any point of your life?

Definitely! It’s very true that “Music soothes pain.” As a musician we face a lot of challenges and upside downs in our personal as well as professional life. For example, the work getting rejected, the work pressure, personal issues etc. Above all, we need to be ready for creativity for any kind of sequence of a movie or an album which may include a sad sequence or a happy sequence or may be other depending situations on however our personal life conditions are. I have come across several instances as such and because music was within me it has helped me in making my burden lighter and has also healed my pain.

13) Mr Patson, what are the steps you would give to a total beginner in the field of music?

For a fresher or for a total beginner, I would suggest that it is important to learn from a proper guru (teacher). It’s because you need to get your basics right and you will need someone to point out at your mistakes and correct you at times. I would also like to say that, it will take time to get recognized and to create your own image, so you need to be focused at every point and not get demotivated or give up if you get rejected.

Finally in this field, when you are on a project, give your complete heart and soul into it and create it from the bottom of your heart. Also your product should have your identity on it I am sure it will definitely win and will be impressive.

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14) Mr. Patson, do you have any plans of growing to an International level?

My biggest accomplishment in life is that I am glad that I have seen the struggles that my parents have gone through in their personal and professional life. I have walked along with them during the difficult times and hardships which we have faced.

Because of the extreme hardships which came as hurdles in my life, I learnt how to overcome it and have I learnt a lot of lessons which really helped me to be what I’ am today. Yes, a plan for going to an international level is all gods’ plan. I will continue to work hard the same way and I will keep spreading happiness and entertain people through my music. Cheers

Here we conclude the interview with Mr Patson.

Thank you so much Mr. Patson Pereira for interacting with us in spite of your busy schedule. We wish you all the success and good luck on your path of achievements.

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Mr. Patson Pereira: The Most talented and popular Music Director, Music Producer and Sound Engineer of Mangalore

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