Tête-à-tête with CA Amabelle Moras, UGC NET (Commerce) Qualified Candidate

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Tête-à-tête with CA Amabelle Moras, UGC NET (Commerce) Qualified Candidate

CA Amabelle Rosalind Moras

CA Amabelle Rosalind Moras hails from Mangalore, Karnataka. She is simple and a dynamic person. She has worked as an Article Assistant at M/s Rodrigues & D’Souza, Chartered Accountants, Mangalore and later as a Senior Auditor at an audit firm in Dubai, UAE.

Currently she works as a Freelance Consultant and Visiting Faculty at various colleges in Mangalore. She has cleared her UGC NET with good marks. Recognizing her success in the field of education, Hideshade.com has taken her interview which is as follows.  

1) Tell us about yourself?

Hello everybody! I am Amabelle Moras from Mangalore. I qualified as a Chartered Accountant a few months back and currently pursuing my Masters in Commerce (last semester). I worked in Dubai for a couple of years after which I decided to come back and continue with my studies. I am a passionate musician, an avid reader and a curious traveler. 

2) What was your score in UGC NET?

I scored a 70 on 100 in Paper 1 and 120 on 200 in Paper 2 with an overall percentile of 99.83.

3) In which year did you qualify UGC NET?

December, 2019

4) How much time did you prepare for the UGC NET exam?

Well to be completely honest I didn’t get an opportunity to prepare for NET because during the time I was also attempting my CA finals as well as the 3rd semester M.Com exams. I had a lot on my plate with very limited time to devote to NET. However, because theoretically I was strong with my concepts, I was able to crack the exam.

5) Did you crack UGC NET exam in the first attempt?

Yes. I am one of those lucky candidates.

6) Tell us the subject/concept that needs more attention while preparing for UGC NET exam?

I’d have to say Paper 1 requires a bit more attention than Paper 2 solely because Paper 2 is chosen by the candidate but Paper 1 is general aptitude with questions ranging from current affairs, logical reasoning to quantitative and teaching aptitude. Syllogism is one aspect that I had prepared for a day before the exam because I knew that a lot of questions would be asked from that area and about 10-12 marks of questions were asked during my attempt.

7) Tell us the challenges/difficulties you had to face during your preparation?

One of the major challenge I faced would have to be with respect to the time I got to prepare for NET as I was also preparing for my CA finals which demands a lot of your time and focus. But because I was attempting a Commerce paper it was also a blessing in disguise.

8) How did you manage to prepare Paper I and Paper II simultaneously?

With whatever little time that I had, I concentrated more on Paper 1 because a lot of portion that is covered in Paper 1 was new to me. I was quite confident in Paper 2 due to my CA background. Managing both the papers is quite possible although the candidate needs to assess in advance what they are good at and concentrate on areas they lack.

9) How should one prepare for UGC NET exam?

The answer to this question would have to be my longest. Well, the strategy for preparation of any exam differs from one candidate to another. As I mentioned earlier that I have been well versed with my subjects ever since Grade 11 and with each passing year I’ve only added to this knowledge pool.

What most candidates would be surprised to know is that the questions asked during the exam could be from anywhere. It maybe something you have studied in Grade 5 or while pursuing your graduation or post-graduation or something you would have come across on TV while watching the news. What I am trying to say is that the questions asked cannot be predicted with certainty. The knowledge you derive could also be from communicating with people.

For instance, I am a tax student, but there are a lot of HR related questions that were asked which I was able to attempt comfortably because I have friends who are in HR and with whom I converse regularly. There is a possibility of me clearing also because I have some practical exposure. I remember during my attempt 5 questions were only from TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) which is a really small part of Direct Taxation. So there is no standard procedure to prepare for UGC NET. Because it is an All-India Exam, the best will pass. And you can be the best only when you keep an open mind and grasp knowledge from anywhere you can.

The key would be to not prepare only for the sake of the exam.  I always feel that something learnt from sheer curiosity and interest leads to deepened knowledge which you can remember for years to come.

10) Is coaching required to clear UGC NET exam?

No. Clearing UGC NET with self-study is very much possible.

11) In case of self-study, how much is the probability of cracking the UGC NET exam? What should be the preparation strategy for self-study?

There is a 100% chance that you can clear UGC NET by studying on your own. Like I said, preparation strategy could differ. But a few common points would be to prepare a time table and do your daily studies at a time when you are your most productive self. Also you need to have a very positive mindset. That makes a huge difference.

12) What as per you are the mistakes one should avoid while preparing for the UGC NET exam?

Most students I know and interact with have a really bad habit of getting into studies with the ‘I will not clear in the 1st attempt’ or ‘UGC NET is tough so it is ok if I do not clear’ attitude. So they are already anxious about the result which takes away from their wholehearted preparation.

Do not let general opinion of people get to you. All you can do is prepare and answer well. Once you detach from the outcome, the preparation will be very smooth. Also, try not to study from many books because that is only going to confuse you further. Pick one or two which you are comfortable with and stick to it.

13) Can you suggest some good books with Author names which you referred to while preparing for UGC NET exam?

Books by Arihant and Upkar Publications are good mainly because their language is simple and they have included a lot of solved past question papers. Also, there are a lot of YouTube channels that you can follow. One channel I recommend is Anuj Jindal. You can also download and study from the ‘Unacademy’ app.

14) According to you when is the perfect time for a student to start his/her preparation for UGC NET exam?

There is no perfect time to start preparing. Questions could be asked from anywhere. So start reading and building up on your knowledge pool which will help in answering the exams with ease. Most candidates decide to write their UGC NET exams either when they start the 1st year or the 2nd year of Masters. So when you have decided to write it, don’t wait. Start immediately.

15) Is there any difference in preparation for UGC NET and UGC NET JRF?

As far as I know, there is no difference in preparation as such. Questions asked are the same irrespective of whether you opt for JRF or not. However, the cut off needed to qualify as a JRF is higher and this cut off could vary from one year to another. I could not apply for JRF because of the age factor. However, had I been able to apply, I would have qualified.

16) What are the Career Opportunities after Qualifying UGC NET Exam?

If you have a dream to become a professor or a researcher in colleges or university you should appear this exam. It will provide you with tremendous access to establish yourself as a professor.

If you are eligible for JRF, you can pursue research in the respective postgraduate subject. You can easily select the universities and colleges in the NET coordinating institutes. You can enrol for the PhD course offered by universities and IIMs.

17) How do you approach the UGC NET exam?

As most of you know, UGC NET exam is computerized. There are a total of 150 questions and 3 hours to attempt them. There is no negative marking hence it is advisable to attempt all the questions. A candidate can decide whether he/she wants to start with Paper 1 or 2. You have an option of flagging a question that you do not know and attempt such questions later.

You are not allowed to carry a calculator, wrist watch, stationery or even a handkerchief in some centres. You are only allowed to carry the admit card and the invigilator will seat you at the computer terminal with your credentials. A blank sheet and a pen is provided at the centre which has to be returned at the conclusion of the exam.

Since you are not allowed to carry the calculator you have to be able to do your basic calculations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division really quick to save time. Be careful not to submit the answer sheet without checking that all questions have been answered.

18) We have heard many students saying that, “It all depends on Luck to clear UGC NET Exam” What is your opinion on this statement?

Well, it’s tricky. I cleared my UGC NET in the first attempt but both the groups of CA finals in the third attempt respectively. So was I lucky in the former case and unlucky in the latter? Sometimes we say these things to pacify ourselves. What’s most important is to realize that you cannot be lucky all the time which means ultimately it all boils down to your hard work.

19) What message would you like to give to those students who were unable to clear UGC NET in spite of several attempts?

Tough luck! You were not able to clear so far and I know how it feels. If you really want to do something you will find a way irrespective of the number of attempts. My mantra in life is ‘Never say die’. If I want something, I work really hard till I achieve it. It may not have been the case with UGC NET but I too have faced failure in my CA exams. It is ok to be disheartened but it is not ok to be dejected and give up if this is your dream.

Approach each attempt with a fresh mindset as if it were your first attempt. This attitude coupled with the previous exam writing experience will give you an edge over those who are writing with you. Society deems you a failure if you do not clear in the first attempt but ultimately remember that the same society will laud your perseverance and patience once you have cleared the exam and that feeling is unexplainable. Believe in yourself, surround yourself with motivating people and cut off from all negativity (including social media). 

20) What message would you like to give to the UGC NET candidates who are going to attempt for the first time?

According to Wikipedia, UGC NET exams are considered one of the toughest exams to crack in India with a success ratio of merely 6%. However, there is no need to be anxious. The entire Covid19 situation has given all of you, ample time to prepare well for this attempt. Make good use of it. Be confident and be positive. I hope the tips given above will be of some help and I wish each one of you reading this all the success. Good luck!

Thank you CA Amabelle Rosalind Moras for sharing your experience and for motivating UGC NET Candidates. The entire Hideshade.com Team wishes you good luck and success in your life.

Tête-à-tête with CA Amabelle Moras, UGC NET (Commerce) Qualified Candidate

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