Best Indian Weight Loss Diet 2020

Best Indian Weight Loss Diet 2020


This diet plan is for men and women. will guide you through all the meals of the day and give you many options to choose from. Trust us, this diet plan is very practical and if you stick to it you will get excellent results.

Okay, so the first thing I would suggest, when you wake up grab a glass and drink plenty of warm water. As if you could drink 3-4 glasses of water, it would be great. It will kick start your metabolism, which is very essential for losing weight. If you like to drink Indian tea or coffee early in the morning, I suggest that you prefer to skip it at this time. You can have it later in the day.


Coming to breakfast – Your breakfast should be low in complex carbohydrates and high in protein. Low carb because, if you will be on a high carbohydrate diet, it will ultimately be stored as fat. Now we also want our weight loss to be in the form of fat and not in the form of muscles.

Therefore, we will maintain a high protein intake. So, some of the healthy breakfast options might be. First is my favorite, personalized oatmeal meal along with 3 egg whites and 1 whole egg. If you’re a vegetarian, the only replacement for egg whites I can think of is whey protein isolate. It will also make your oatmeal tastier.

Second could be chickpeas, spinach, and bhurji egg. Third could be moong dal dosa.

Now, if you are a paratha lover, you can have an oil-free paratha along with an egg white bhurji made from 5 egg whites and 1 whole egg. If you don’t like bhurji, you can also make an omelette or you can have that same paratha along with low-fat paneer bhurji.

Now how to make low fat paneer? You get skim milk (low fat) from the outside and make paneer at home. Trust me, it would be tasty, it would be cheap, and it would be low in fat. Now, because we are talking about complex carbohydrates and I am not including whole wheat bread. Because the so called wheat bread that we find in the market is adulterated with maida. Therefore, I suggest that you prefer to avoid it. If you want to have it, you can have it once a week.

Another option may be the whey protein isolate in milk along with a complex source of carbohydrates like Upma. So these are quite a few healthy quick rest options.

Now, one hour after breakfast and 40 minutes before lunch, try to drink at least 1 liter of warm water. If you are outside, keep a bottle of water on hand. If you’re hungry between breakfast and lunch, you can have a handful of unsalted roasted peanuts along with green tea or Indian tea. But avoid sugar. If you want to sweeten it, you can use natural sweeteners like stevia. Remember that to lose weight, sugar is your number one enemy.


Coming to lunch. Start your lunch with salad. Now, a salad can be made up of carrots, cucumbers, beets, cabbage, etc. Not only will it give you the essential vitamins, minerals, and fibers, but it will also fill you up a bit. This is a great way to eat less.

Now after this salad, you can have a small portion of complex carbohydrates along with protein. Then you can also eat roti with a protein-rich curry like low-fat paneer or soy chunks. Now, you shouldn’t have 3 or 4 rotis. Have a maximum of 2 rotis. You can also have a little low-fat curd along with it. Now roti with dal is not a great option when it comes to losing weight. Lentils are undoubtedly rich in protein. But if they have 1 gram of protein, they will have 3 grams of carbohydrates. Now, combining them with roti or brown rice will make them very rich in carbohydrates, which will hinder the weight loss process. If you want dal, do it with a roti or some brown rice, but be sure to add a protein-rich source like roasted paneer, grilled chicken, or grilled fish.

I have dipped 6 egg whites in the dal curry. This makes it rich in protein and balances macronutrients. Then we have already discussed chickpeas, spinach egg, Bhurji and Moong Dal Dosa. Those can also be incorporated for lunch.

After Lunch and before Snacks

Now again, one hour after lunch and 40 minutes before snack, try drinking 1 liter of warm water. Now comes the difficult part, the afternoon snack. Now, this is a time when we succumb to external food because we have no healthy options with us. Well, I will give you some options. Let’s start with simple options first.

  1. First it could be a small apple with green tea.
  2. The second could be two handfuls of roasted chickpeas, a handful of unsalted roasted peanuts, and green tea.
  3. The third option could be “Makhane”, which are also called lotus seeds along with Indian tea or green tea.
  4. The fourth option could be boiled chana chaat.
  5. The fifth option could be peanut butter and banana roti.
  6. The sixth option could be a small portion of upma or oatmeal.

Then there are some evergreen options like the egg white bhurji and the egg white omelette. So, these are some of the great evening snack options to help you stay away from outside food.

Now this diet plan will work even if you don’t exercise. But exercising will speed up the weight loss process. And I’m sure you want that. It’s great to perform exercise if you want to keep fit, and what makes it better is that you don’t need to join a gym for it. Now after training, you should have a small fruit along with a lean protein source.

If you are not a vegetarian, you can have six egg whites. If you are a vegetarian, you should buy whey protein isolate.


Coming to dinner. Now all the lunch options that we have already talked about are also very valid at dinner. All you can do is further reduce the amount of complex carbohydrates. So you should definitely start with a salad. Have a roti or a little brown rice along with a protein-rich source like low-fat paneer or chunks of soy. Or you can also include grilled chicken and grilled fish that we’ve already talked about.

Before Bedtime

Now, before bedtime, if you feel like eating something, you can have half a glass of warm milk half an hour before bedtime. If you also feel like eating something, you can have just some almonds or makhane.

So readers, that concludes this diet plan. If you are working night shifts, you can still follow this diet plan. Everything remains the same, only the meal times change according to their shift schedules. So I hope you found this article useful, well, if you did, please like it and comment your views below. Thank you!

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Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan for Weight Loss – Indian Diet Plan

In this article, is going to share with you, intermittent fasting for weight loss: full day diet plan.

If you are a beginner to intermittent fasting, don’t jump straight to the 16:8 diet. That means: 8 hours of food and 16 hours of fasting.

At first, you can be flexible with time-restricted feeding: Maintain an interval of 10 hours for eating and 14 hours for fasting or keep 12 hours to eat and 12 hours to fast. Initially, start with this and slowly switch to the 16: 8 cycle. The diet plan that we are going to share with you is tried and tested. This diet plan is very effective in losing weight.

Early Morning

In the morning, the empty stomach drinks warm water. Intermittent fasting time is entirely up to you. What time does it start, your 8-hour feeding period, and how long ago. I am a breakfast person, so my diet plan starts at 9 or 10 a.m. and it’s until 5 or 6 p.m. You can adjust the time according to you.

Your first meal: Plan according to your office hours or your other hours. Every time you have your first meal, eat more protein foods. I prefer – 2 whole eggs and 1 egg white, a total of 3 eggs and making an omelette with lots of vegetables. And as a garnish, I saute vegetables or sometimes I prefer whole wheat bread. If you are a vegetarian, then you prefer Besan Chilla or I would like to give one more option: the Sprouts Bhel recipe.

Recipe: prefer moong sprouts for Bhel. Add plenty of vegetables like chopped cucumber, tomato, onion, can of cabbage and also rice puff in the Sprouts Bhel Recipe. Along with this, I have tea with milk: 1 cup with less sugar or no sugar. The first meal will keep you full longer. You won’t feel hungry for long.

After your First Meal

Then, 3 hours after your first meal, you can take, only if you are hungry, take an apple or pear or any fruit, or take roasted Chana or Makhana, or take popcorn or cucumber. You can also have Nuts & Seeds, like Almonds – 5-6 nos and Walnut – 1 no.

Last meal of the Day

In the Last Meal of the Day – You can take Rotis/Flatbread – 2 nos made from multigrain or wheat flour. But the most effective is Millet Roti like Jowar, Bajra & Ragi millets. Take any of this millet roti/flatbread. Along with roti have – If you are non-vegetarian – so you can have chicken curry/fish curry/egg curry recipe. If you are vegetarian, then have Paneer curry or any green vegetables like spinach or Methi, any green vegetables you can have. The quantity of vegetable you can eat as much as you like, only use less oil while preparing.

Along with that, you can have Salad. In the salad, add cucumber, tomato, cabbage or you can take any type of salad. And of course, take one bowl, Dal. Prefer Dal like – Moong Dal, Tur Dal, Masoor Dal. Protein is very important and you must take it daily.

During 16 hours of Fasting, you can have – Green Tea / Water / Black Coffee / Black Tea / Coconut water. But readers, take all these things without sugar. Do not eat any solid food during fasting. In Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan – You can change a bit like at bedtime I drink turmeric milk – 1 cup. For the best results, along with Intermittent Fasting Perform a minimum of 45 minutes workouts like any Cardio activities, or Yoga or Gym or any physical activity you should do for at least 45 min. Consume at least 3-4 liters of water per day.


Precautions for Intermittent Fasting –

  1. Those who have diabetes or have heart problems or on any medication, do not do this diet without consulting your doctor.
  2. Those nursing mothers or pregnant women, they should also avoid this diet.
  3. Intermittent fasting you can do for 1 day, weekly or twice / thrice, or for longer period also.

If you wish to do intermittent fasting and if you have any doubts, then write to us in the comments box below.


Tips for all! In intermittent fasting, in between first meal and last meal, try to eat low carb. Fasting doesn’t mean that you have the license to eat anything & unlimited – no, eat-in calorie restriction (RDI), check your portion. Try to take low carb. If you do Keto Diet along with Intermittent Fasting, then you will get the best results. If you love this article, then give me thumbs up and don’t forget to share with your family and friends. Thank You.

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Best Indian Weight Loss Diet 2020

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