How to stay physically fit? Follow these 5 simple steps

How to stay physically fit? Follow these 5 simple steps


How to stay physically fit? If this question is running in your mind right now then you are at the right place. In fact, people wish to stay physically fit and healthy. They try many possible ways but fail at times. Moreover, there are instances where people choose wrong ways and put themselves into trouble. Instead of reducing weight and being physically fit, they turn the opposite. So now let me take you to a tour that guides you perfectly to stay physically fit and healthy.

5 simple steps to stay physically fit highly recommends you to follow the 5 simple steps given below

1) Consumer warm water always

You might have heard many doctors or medical authorities suggesting you to drink at least 3 liters of water a day. But did you know that consuming warm water is better than consuming ordinary or chilled water. In fact it is true that you should consume 3 liters a day but make sure that you drink less water at night. Basically drinking 2 glasses of warm water early morning is the best thing to stay physically fit and healthy. But remember once you begin this process do it every single day because if you miss even one day you will be cheating yourself for being physically fit. However, make this a routine and you will notice the changes.

2) Workout at gym

Almost all those who would like to build their bodies will definitely join gym because at gym, trainers will teach the right ways to build a good body. Working out at the gym is a cool thing because it builds your muscle tissues. This process may take years together but if you take this step seriously you might attain your desired fitness. However it depends on the time that you spend at the gym. If you work out for at least 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening, then you’re doing the workout right. But remember to take training from a gym trainer because consulting a trainer will give you better and quick results.

3) Go for jogging

Before you step into the gym, you better go jogging at least for 1 hour because this will be a warm up exercise for you. Early morning if you see outside you will find people jogging because they consider that jogging will keep them physically fit. True! Jogging will burn your extra calories that are stored in your body and it will help you to remain physically fit and healthy. recommends you to at least jog for half an hour every morning to keep yourself physically fit. However it again depends on the time that you spend on jogging. More the time you jog the better the results you attain. That doesn’t mean you should jog for more than 2 hours on the first day. It is advised that on your first day, job for half an hour and increase the time as the days pass by.

4) Cycling

Cycling is another way to stay physically fit. Of course you will need a bicycle for this. Perfect time to bicycle is early morning because you will be fresh and the effect of this exercise will be great. Try to ride a bicycle on a plain surface and avoid ups and downs because climbing up on a bicycle is bad for your heart. You will be simply pressurising on your chest area which may lead to a serious problem. Try not to ride fast nor too slow and at the same time maintain a standard speed. Be extra careful while riding on the main road because other vehicles may come and hit you unknowingly. Hence wear a helmet to stay safe.

5) Play outdoor games

Playing outdoor games will give you a perfect exercise for your body and it will surely help you to be physically fit. Games such as Basketball and Football are the best because in these two games you will be burning more calories and that will help you to be physically fit. Playing these outdoor games must be always in the evening because evening is the right time to play games. Call out your friends and neighbors to join with you and involve them in the game and have fun. However it not only gives you a good physical body but also it helps you to release your stress.


However you can’t become physically fit in just one day or two because it requires lot of efforts. In fact you cannot gain anything without hard work and dedication. However it all depends on the seriousness that you take on the activity that you perform. Hence follow the above steps to stay physically fit.

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How to stay physically fit? Follow these 5 simple steps

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