Concept of relationship

5 tips to keep a Relationship Interesting

5 tips to keep a Relationship Interesting In this article will share with you five tips what you must do as a high value woman in order to sustain and maintain your high value relationship, fun and exciting. So let’s get on with those five tips that you all are waiting for. The first one is stay fun, playful, happy and exciting. When you stop laughing at his jokes, that’s when the problem happens and usually it’s when you start to take things too personally.

Love: How Men Show Their Love

So in this article we will talk about the signs of how men show their love to the women that they’ve truly fallen for. And how men pretend to be into you. First ladies, it’s really important to understand that men categorize women, they categorize women into a short term and long term. Into low value and high value women. And when he sees you as a low value woman, he will throw you bread crumbs in order to keep you around as it does benefit him to some level.

Friendship to Relationship: A True Love Story by Laveena Sequeira

Friendships are considered as one of the life’s greatest joy. Finding a friend with whom we can share almost anything, with whom we are really comfortable and the one who accepts us as and how we are is just a priceless thing. Here am going to share my true love story that turned friendship into relationship. Five years ago I met a person whom I then considered a friend. I didn’t realize that the same friend will be one among my best friends. The day I first saw him, I felt like my heart skipped a beat. Little I did know about him. That particular year had bought a lot of change in my life. My best friend is a guy who I never thought I would talk so much. I added him on Facebook, WhatsApp and we started texting.

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