Art of the ‘Musical Storm’ A. R. Rahman by Glanson Dsouza

Art of the ‘Musical Storm’ A. R. Rahman by Glanson Dsouza

Artist: Glanson Dsouza, Kasaragod, Kerala

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A. R. Rahman – What an average day in the life for me looks like as a working musician so for those that don’t know.

I’m currently on contract based in Mallorca for the next few months hence the vest top because it is 34 degrees at the moment and it’s even hotter than that in here so a day in the life my day usually starts around midday half past 12:00 that seems kind of late and kind of lazy because I am but it’s also because I’m Getting six nights a week and most of those nights.

I’m not getting back from the gig and into my house until after 1:00 a.m. in the morning its then gonna be another couple of hours until I actually go to bed so that could be three in the morning then twelve doesn’t really seem that late. First jobs of the day are usually checking emails responding to any new contract offers, gig cancellations, new gigs, new venues, venue changes, time changes, anything like that then check in on social media responding to any comments or messages that have been sent maybe updating Twitter, Facebook, maybedo a new Instagram.

Once that’s all taken care of might be some work that I need to do in Logic. Like tonight we’re gonna run a new version of this Johnny b track so I’m editing the count in so it’s nice and timedup, run through a few times get it spot-on then its ready to gig. Once I Finished any bits of office work or admin work I like to get my workout done. I think it’s really important to stay on top of your fitness when you’re away ontour you can really easily get into some bad habits and get quite lazy when you’re away on the road.

I like to either do a half hour workout in the daytime or sometimes when we get back from a gig I’ll go for a run for a few miles. It’s better to do it at that time of day because the temperatures dropped down and it’s nowhere near as grueling as trying to work out in the middle of the day. It’s really hard work especially in this temperature but it’s definitely worth it.

So once I’ve got showered and got changed after the nightmare that is working out in 30 degree plus heat, I come into my little studio and so from the iPhone footage you can see this is the setup that you guys get to see when I’m filming my youtube videos and depending on the day and if I’ve got enough time that’s what I’ll do next. After a few hours in the studiotime quickly moves on and it’s time to go to work.

Tonight’s gig is about 45, 50 minutes away so it’s time to get changed load the car, and head out. Cue the b-roll! so we loaded into the venue not setup yet because this is one of the cool venues that actually lets us go and eat here so we’ll go get some food first and then come back and set everything up. But it’s pretty cool setup here purpose-built venue cool flown rig up there somewhere but they have said that one side might not be working so we’ll probably just throw ours up and use the subs that are in here for a bit of low-end reinforcement. It’s pretty cool.

So we’re set up, we’re soundcheck. Sounds pretty decent in there, pretty good sound, pretty happy with it. So we’ve got about an hour until we’re on stage so we’re just get to chill out here for a while So it’s about 10 minutes till we go onstage. I’ve got “Joyce” back here just doing a few warm-up exercises trying to get nice and loose and ready for the show. Pretty decent backstage here we’ve got a couple of toilets we’ve got a water.

It’s really hot though it’s about 28, 29 degrees so when we get on stage with all the lights and all the people and start jumping about and stuff it’s gonna be a mess tonight! whoa! Just come offstage so hot old-style halogen lights propper burning a hole in you Wow! Really good crowd they really want to listen, really appreciative really appreciative. Just got to pack it all down now and get a drink, really need a drink! half past 11:00 at night and it’s still 28 degrees.

We’re packed just got to drive home. So all the gears packed away locked in the house nice and safe. Don’t leave the gear…don’t leave the gear in the car overnight it’s just not worth it.Lock it away. It’s about half past twelve now days technically done probably gonna be up for another couple hours though just chilling out time for a well-deserved beer. Cheers

I travel around the world with my piano I meet really cool people, go on amazing adventures and play in some of the most extraordinary places. This is piano around the world we are headed to the love festival we’re at the festival of love. You’d only be here if you have some love in your heart, you got flirt, erotic love, you just gotta love. We’re taking a little stroll.

The rain has stopped, thank God. – A lot of neon colors are over here. People like making out everywhere, there’s all kind of love over here. That’s pretty epic what kind of music do you play? any music, old school, new school, entertain, Ray Charles, powerful stuff (woman singing) I’m just starting music. Oh, cool! what did you do before? worked on a coffee shop.. No, I studied web design but I never finished and I just came to London came homeless and somebody gave me a guide to the streets and I started from there.

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A. R. Rahman A. R. Rahman A. R. Rahman A. R. Rahman A. R. Rahman A. R. Rahman A. R. Rahman A. R. Rahman A. R. Rahman A. R. Rahman A. R. Rahman A. R. Rahman A. R. Rahman A. R. Rahman

Art of the ‘Musical Storm’ A. R. Rahman by Glanson Dsouza

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