How to make a YouTube Video | Beginner’s Guide

Are you a beginner? Are you wondering how to make a YouTube Video? It’s Simple!!! We have explained in detail what requirements you need and how to get started. Lets begin! Guys I will be explaining you in detail what thing are required and how they are useful in shooting your first youtube video. So we will looking at the things and their functions simultaneously.

How to RECORD Computer SCREEN in 4K | OBS

RECORD Computer SCREEN in 4K – Hey everyone. In this article, wants to explain you how you could record your computer screen in 4K resolution, using the free software, OBS. Now if you’ve never used OBS, it’s a software you could get for free, and capture your screen, your Mac or your PC. Whatever screen you want, even your iPhone, your android device. Any screen works with the OBS app and the great thing about the OBS app is it lets you change the resolution of the way it records the screen. So it doesn’t have to be 1080P HD. You can actually do it in 4k. All you need is a 4k monitor.

10 Amazing Android SECRETS, TIPS, and TRICKS

Android Secrets – If you are one of those who think toggling off the location button would do you any good then, boy you are wrong because the real buttons are hidden deep inside the Google settings and until you turn them off, Google and other apps will keep on tracking you. Hey guys, what’s up! This is team and today, we will tell you 12 tips and tricks for your Android device. Now without any further delay, let’s get started

Top 5 Amazing Ways to EARN MONEY ONLINE – 2020 for Students

Every student is filled with two kinds of major resources. One is time and the other one is energy. For you to be financially stable, you need to convert this time and energy into the most important resource for life survival. And that is Money. How grateful it would be when your young student friends are wasting their useful time in social media, while you would be making money with that same amount of time. In today’s article, we are covering 5 earning tips for students which basically require Zero investment.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Hackers of All Time

Top 10 Most Dangerous Hackers of All Time – We’ll start with a guy who might not have been the best hacker to walk the Earth, but you have to admire his style. This man, who was really named Kevin Poulsen, did something pretty cool in the past, and he’s still pretty cool today. His biggest claim to fame was back in 1990 when he took over all the phone lines for a Los Angeles radio station and made sure that he was the lucky winner of a brand-new Porsche 944 S2. He was just 25 at the time. The FBI soon came after him and he was arrested and sentenced to 5 years, at the time the longest sentence ever given in the U.S. for hacking.

How to make money from YouTube | Requirements, Steps and Tricks |

You might have read or heard people saying that you can make money with the help of YouTube. Yes! That’s true. People make money from YouTube and you too can be one among them. In this article I will be sharing in detail as to how to make money from YouTube. Please note: Don’t skip any point that is given below because each and every sentence is much important for you to start making money on YouTube.

Top 6 Best and Easy ways to earn money in this Lockdown Period

Lockdown is a period where everything is closed and shut down. The access to anything is limited or reduced. Shutdown inside the four walls of the house becomes difficult after a certain period of time. The things which we love the most are far away from our reach and are somewhere losing their priority due to lockdown. Distancing from the loved ones, friends, family, favourite hangout places becomes a bit difficult over the time, when the lockdown period extends.

7 Merits of Mobile Phone or a Smartphone

In this article we will be learning the Merits of mobile phone or a smartphone. You might be aware that each and every individual will be having a smartphone in his or her hand. Moreover, these days even kids operate smartphones very easily. However smartphones are getting updated as the days pass by so that people can operate it in a much easier way. With that being said let’s straight away jump into our main topic.

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