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10 Amazing Android SECRETS, TIPS, and TRICKS

Android Secrets – If you are one of those who think toggling off the location button would do you any good then, boy you are wrong because the real buttons are hidden deep inside the Google settings and until you turn them off, Google and other apps will keep on tracking you. Hey guys, what’s up! This is team Hideshade.com and today, we will tell you 12 tips and tricks for your Android device. Now without any further delay, let’s get started

7 Merits of Mobile Phone or a Smartphone

In this article we will be learning the Merits of mobile phone or a smartphone. You might be aware that each and every individual will be having a smartphone in his or her hand. Moreover, these days even kids operate smartphones very easily. However smartphones are getting updated as the days pass by so that people can operate it in a much easier way. With that being said let’s straight away jump into our main topic.

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