How to RECORD Computer SCREEN in 4K | OBS

RECORD Computer SCREEN in 4K – Hey everyone. In this article, wants to explain you how you could record your computer screen in 4K resolution, using the free software, OBS. Now if you’ve never used OBS, it’s a software you could get for free, and capture your screen, your Mac or your PC. Whatever screen you want, even your iPhone, your android device. Any screen works with the OBS app and the great thing about the OBS app is it lets you change the resolution of the way it records the screen. So it doesn’t have to be 1080P HD. You can actually do it in 4k. All you need is a 4k monitor.

Top 5 Amazing Ways to EARN MONEY ONLINE – 2020 for Students

Every student is filled with two kinds of major resources. One is time and the other one is energy. For you to be financially stable, you need to convert this time and energy into the most important resource for life survival. And that is Money. How grateful it would be when your young student friends are wasting their useful time in social media, while you would be making money with that same amount of time. In today’s article, we are covering 5 earning tips for students which basically require Zero investment.

What is Computer and its uses in the present generation?

All of us have come across the word ‘Computer’. Computers have been used by us at least once in a lifetime and of course you are reading this article through a computer or a smartphone. Computers are being used by many people all around the world. Schools, colleges, hospitals, companies and much more sectors use computers. Let us now find out what is Computer? Who invented it and during which year? We will also be learning the uses of computers.

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