What is Computer and its uses in the present generation?

What is Computer and its uses in the present generation?


All of us have come across the word ‘Computer’. We all have used computer at least once in a lifetime and of course you are reading this article through a computer or a smartphone. At present many people all around the world. Schools, colleges, hospitals, companies and much more sectors use computers. Let us now find out what is Computer? Who invented it and during which year? We will also be learning the uses of computers. In short we will be learning Computer and its uses.

What is a Computer?

Computer is an electronic device which takes input data manually and the same data is processed and it gives a fine output. In short it is an electronic gadget which is being used in various fields.

When and who invented computers?

Charles Babbage invented computer in the year 1833.

7 uses of computers in the present generation

Following are the computer and its uses in the current generation:

1) Hospitals

Computers are widely used in every hospital because it records every single detail of patients. Moreover they can access various other computers of the same hospital through servers. In addition to all these features, system include data of doctors, accounts, medicine, billing and much more. Computer technical team will assist for quick service in case of any breakdown. Above all major health tests are done with the help of computers.

2) Airports

Airport is another major sector where computers are used by every single person working in the airport. In the airport they use computers mainly to direct flights and to have control over them. In other words it is known as an air traffic control system. Apart from this the systems in the airport are used to book flight tickets, check luggage, check for harmful gadgets and much more.

3) Schools, Colleges and educational institutions

Every single School or College must compulsorily have to install a computer because they have to record each and every single detail of the student and preserve it. In fact, computers are a subject in all the schools. In this subject they teach right from the basics to professionals because students have to know how to make use a system. Basically this is an educational concept in schools and colleges. When it comes to college, students specialise themselves in the field of computers by taking computer as the main stream.

4) Railway

The railway sector generates heavy income every single day. Generally, eople book online tickets and use almost all the facilities available. In fact, computers are used in the railway sector to track trains and to manage traffic. Train location is tracked through GPS and so it displays on a computer screen. Thanks to computers particularly in this sector because it avoids train accidents. Apart from this people all over the world can track the train through a computer and internet by just inserting a train number. Isn’t that cool?

5) Companies/Organizations

Companies or Organizations need a computer because they will have to store various data in it. Data such as customer information, client details, employee details and much more are stored in the computer. Moreover, account detail has to be maintained in the system. In fact, each employee in the software company works with the help of a computer. So software development has to take place with the help of a computer system. Customer feedback also is being recorded in the companies system for further improvement. Hence companies or Organizations must have a computer installed.

6) Industry/Factory

Various industries and factories use computers because they have to run huge machineries. In fact, computers in this sector are not the ordinary computers but they are specially designed to manage machines in the industry or factories. Moreover, people who operate systems in factories or industries are well trained by the authorities. This training will help the employees to operate the system in a smooth way. Hence computers are very much needed in this field.

7) Banking Sector

Am very sure all of you have visited a bank. Yes! Banks use Computers because they have to record each and every transaction of their customers in their system. Earlier each and everything in Banks were done manually through hand written but now everything in bank is operated with the help of Computers. So right from creating accounts upto conducting huge transactions Computers are made use of. In fact, recently even customers themselves can operate their personal accounts through internet banking. Moreover, all they need is a computer and an internet connection. Hence computers are really useful in the banking sector as well.


We can conclude by saying that computer and its uses are needed in the present generation because it has made human life easier. One of the major benefits is that it saves our time. At the same time it is very easy to learn. Kids nowadays use computers as a toy. They play online games and for other purposes. Youngest of today’s generation make use of computers to spend time on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. and have fun. In this way we can say that every individual requires a computer for some or the other reason.

Hope computer and its uses are understood to you!

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What is Computer and its uses in the present generation?

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