How to make money from YouTube | Requirements, Steps and Tricks |

How to make money from YouTube | Requirements, Steps and Tricks


You might have read or heard people saying that you can make money with the help of YouTube. Yes! That’s true. People make money from YouTube and you too can be one among them. In this article I will be sharing in detail as to how to make money from YouTube.

Please note: Don’t skip any point that is given below because each and every sentence is much important for you to start making money on YouTube.

How to make money on YouTube: Requirements and steps:

1) Interest and Dedication:

Making money in any field is not easy. Efforts, interest and dedication is required. One thing is very clear that you can’t make money on YouTube just in one single day or in just one week. You need to have some patience. So the first most things that are needed are patience and dedication. Once you have made up your mind to earn from YouTube then stick on to it. Don’t give up!

2) Choose a niche/topic/concept:

Now when you have decided to make money on YouTube, you need to choose a topic or a niche or a concept on which you are going to shoot a video. For example you are good at cooking. That means you are going to choose cooking or recipes as your main concept. Similarly you can choose any other niche like sports, health and fitness and much more. See what people are more interested in. Check what people are trying to search more on YouTube and based on that choose the concept.

3) A video camera or a smartphone camera:

Definitely you need a video camera to shoot a video. Now at the beginning it is highly impossible for a common person to buy a video camera that costs lakhs together. But not to worry because you have your smartphone camera which is of good quality. Using this you may start shooting the video that is related to your concept. Make sure the quality of the audio and video is excellent so that people will watch you entire video without skipping it or closing it.

4) Create a YouTube channel:

Now to create a new YouTube channel you need to log in to your Gmail account and then create a new channel. If you so not have Gmail account kindly create one. Creating a new channel is absolutely free and you can create more than two or three YouTube channels under a single Gmail account. Once you have created a new channel you need to set that channel by filling in all the required details. In addition, you need to upload a channel profile picture and a channel art so that your YouTube channel looks attractive.

5) Upload your video on your YouTube channel:

Once your channel has been set, you’re ready to upload your first video. See to it that your video length is at least 10 minutes and above. Any video that you are going to upload, see to it that you always keep your audience entertained. It should be made in such a way that people who are watching must never close the video until it’s over. Upload video at least twice a week. I would recommend you to upload every single day a new video. While uploading videos you are required to fill in details such as title, description, thumbnail and much more. Kindly don’t leave these important fields blank or empty. Fill them with appropriate words and sentences.

6) Share your channel and videos in all social media platforms:

Now that you’re ready with your channel and videos uploaded, your next step is to share it in all social media platforms possible. Send them first to your family and friends. Request them to share and encourage. Share the same on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Bio, WhatsApp and much more. In this way you will get more views and subscribers.

7) Basic two requirements to make money on YouTube:

Now that you’re uploading videos regularly on your YouTube channel you need to have at least 1000 subscribers in your YouTube channel. In addition to that your total watch hours (Total watched time) must be 4000 hours in 12 months. For example you have uploaded a video of 1 hour. You get 4000 views in 12 months; these 4000 people have watched your video without skipping from starting till the end. So 4000 views multiplied by 1 hour is 4000 watch hours. Hence the longer the video the better watch hours you get. So these are the two basic things that you need to fulfill.

8) Create a Google AdSense account:

Once you have fulfilled the above mentioned two requirements of YouTube, you are all set to create a Google AdSense account. Google AdSense account is an account where you can place Google ads on your YouTube channel and videos. Companies like Amazon and Zomato, pay Google to place their ads and these ads are placed on your YouTube channel and videos. Out of the total ad amount Google AdSense pays you 70% and 30% is kept for Google. Once your AdSense account reaches 100$ you can withdraw the amount straight into your bank account.

Important things to be kept in mind while uploading videos to make money on YouTube:

1) Never use videos, audios and pictures which are already available on the internet:

The major point is that all those who want to make money on YouTube must understand that you cannot use others’ content. Kindly create your own audio, video and pictures. Suppose if you copy somebody’s work your channel can be terminated. Hence create your own content and protect your channel from being deleted.

2) Do not post content that are against YouTube policy:

Posting content such as pornography, abusive words or actions or any other related content is strictly prohibited. Make sure that such content does not appear on your channel. If such content has appeared you may not be able to make money on YouTube because YouTube has all rights to terminate your account. Kindly follow this and please don’t ignore or neglect.

3) You cannot create Google AdSense account without completing the basic requirements of YouTube:

The basic two requirements that are 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in 12 months is a must. Without fulfilling these two basic requirements, you are not eligible to make or create a Google AdSense account. Hence fulfill these requirements first and then create a AdSense account.

4) Avoid fake subscribers and fake views:

Remember you cannot cheat YouTube in anyways. The algorithm of YouTube is so powerful that it can easily identify the views that are genuine and those views that are fake. Suppose if YouTube finds out fake subscribers and fake views your YouTube channel can be disabled by YouTube. Remember, you cannot view the same video more than once. Even if you do so that count will not be considered.

Tips and tricks to earn money from YouTube faster as possible:

1) Create high quality videos:

Video quality (content quality) must be so good that people must share it on their own. You must not request them to share rather they themselves must share with all their family and friends. Hence create such qualitative videos which are really useful and watchable.

2) Upload videos on regular intervals:

I strongly recommend that you upload videos every single day. People must be waiting to see your next video in your YouTube channel. While you are uploading videos every day, please see to it that you maintain a very good quality.

3) Usage of recording device and video editing software:

Video capturing devices that are video cameras must be a better one. Try to rent a video camera. Initially it’s okay with an ordinary one but as you grow your YouTube channel it is recommended to use a better video capturing device so that video quality is not compromised. Software that you use to edit video must be very easy one. See that the software contains many features so that your video can be edited beautifully.

4) Don’t mess up:

While choosing a niche choose it wisely. Suppose you have taken cooking as your niche upload videos related to cooking. Don’t upload any other video which is not related to your niche. You can create another YouTube channel for uploading unrelated videos.

Popular niche that you can choose to start earning money on your YouTube channel:

1) Health and fitness

2) Cooking or recipes

3) Sports and games

4) Education related niche

5) Travel and tourism

6) Music and tutorials

7) Interviewing

8) Tech Videos

9) ‘How to’ related videos

10) Food reviews

These above mentioned 10 niches are the popular niche where you can make money on YouTube.


Finally I would like to conclude by saying that YouTube policies, rules and regulations are changing every then and then. You need to stay updated with this. To start earning you may take some time, but once you have started go ahead and never give up. Many videos on YouTube related to making money online. You won’t believe me but there are people around the globe who make their living or make money just by uploading videos on YouTube. You can be one among them. If you have any doubts you may comment it below. Good luck and bye for now.

How to make money from YouTube | Requirements, Steps and Tricks |

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