Top 6 Best and Easy ways to earn money in this Lockdown Period

Top 6 Best and Easy ways to earn money in this Lockdown Period

Top 6 Best and Easy ways to earn money – Lockdown is a period where everything is closed and shut down. The access to anything is limited or reduced. Shutdown inside the four walls of the house becomes difficult after a certain period of time. The things which we love the most are far away from our reach and are somewhere losing their priority due to lockdown. Distancing from the loved ones, friends, family, favourite hangout places becomes a bit difficult over the time, when the lockdown period extends.

This ‘lock down’ period, if best used in an effective way, will certainly result in our growth. Numerous opportunities, online courses, millions of jobs are available in large numbers on the internet today. This is the perfect time to regenerate our interests and develop hobbies towards perfection. A large number of tutorials are available to teach you on Horticulture, Agriculture and cooking. Also academic related content, lessons on art and culture are available online.

I have listed the six best ideas that will help you fetch money in this crucial lock down period. These things will make your valuable time, during lockdown, a fruitful one and give you assets to make you successful.

1) Blogging: 

It is a beautiful platform to exhibit the skills of writing articles. One can learn to be a content writer, ghost writer, fiction writer or non-fiction writer. There are numerous websites which encourage the bloggers to flourish and grow. Popular among them are Blogger website and WordPress website.

Blogger is a free website. It is very helpful for the beginners. WordPress is another wonderful blogging website. It also provides numerous features and tools for the blogger. It is a paid blogging site.

Blogging not only improvises one’s art of writing, but also helps monetization of the blog. After meeting the necessary requirements of the website, the blog gets the eligibility for AdSense that helps in providing sufficient income. One needs to be consistent, hardworking, creative and patient to be a successful blogger.

2) Affiliate Marketing:

It is a very good marketing field, where one can deal with the business right from the comfort of their houses. A person who does affiliate marketing, is usually referred to as an ‘Affiliate marketer’. As an affiliate marketer, you turn out to be a connection between the company (or) product and the client.

The job is quite simple but helps you earn a lot, if you proceed in the right way. The task is to introduce the product to the consumers. Their purchases help you to gather a large amount of commission in your pockets.

This is a good field, since you work from your house and there is no pressure of product sales or consumer complaints. Affiliate marketing can be done through social media, e-mail marketing and other innovative ways. The more the products are sold, the more you earn. You can work as an affiliate for Amazon, clickbank, JVZoo and other related websites.

3) Freelance jobs:

These are the best jobs to work from home and are very suitable for the lockdown period. A ‘freelancer’ is the one who works right from the house, with the basic requirements of the PC, laptop or a mobile. They have the freedom to work on their time schedules. There are numerous business projects varying on different types of jobs like writing, logo making, data entry etc.

If you are skilled in any field, you can create your profile in the freelancing websites, which is free of cost. The clients, whose profile matches that of yours, will offer you a project and thus you can generate income based on the proposals.

The freelancing websites are Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, People per hour, work and hire and hubstaff which are popular and have fetched jobs to many.

4) Translator:

The demand for translators in the market has always been the ‘talk of town’. There are endless opportunities, for the ones, who can translate words or sentences from one language to the other. They are often referred to as ‘Translators’.

A translator is paid quite well off. They have numerous language options to translate to and from. Lot of Money and scope in the field of translation is seen.

The popular websites are One hour translation, Translate, Translators cafe and Gengo.

5) YouTube:

This has always been everyone’s favourite platform, since its genesis. Numerous channels, plenty of information on various topics, entertainment, news, interviews and a lot more amazing stuff is surfed on YouTube.. YouTube has always been the favourite social media since ages. The probability of people not using YouTube is highly impossible. So, this is the best platform to explore.

YouTube helps the ‘YouTuber’ gain lots of money through advertisements, shown on their YouTube channels. To get the affirmation for YouTube AdSense, one should post videos that are informative and quality oriented to the people.

You can always create a YouTube channel. By regular posts and quality vlogs, you can fetch a lot of money in your wallets.

6) Other platforms:

There are countable other platforms where you can make enough money for yourself, right from the corner of your house. There are many business companies who are interested to know the reviews of the product or conduct surveys. These are the websites which offer money for the surveys and microtasks taken.

There are many websites which offer numerous surveys, microtasks and other user testing reviews as projects. You have to register your personal details in the website and you can continue with the tasks given by them.On successful completion of the task and Surveys, money is offered in the form of Rupees or dollars.

These websites really help, one grow financially. Popular among them are Ysense, Valued opinions, Click worker, User testing and Panel place.

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Top 6 Best and Easy ways to earn money – Article by Neha Suares

Top 6 Best and Easy ways to earn money Top 6 Best and Easy ways to earn money Top 6 Best and Easy ways to earn money Top 6 Best and Easy ways to earn money Top 6 Best and Easy ways to earn money Top 6 Best and Easy ways to earn money Top 6 Best and Easy ways to earn money Top 6 Best and Easy ways to earn money Top 6 Best and Easy ways to earn money

Top 6 Best and Easy ways to earn money in this Lockdown Period

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