An article on a Science Teacher by Neha Suares

An article on a Science Teacher by Neha Suares

A teacher is the one who enlightens and enhances the intellectual capacity of the students. A Science Teacher also helps in blooming, the budding scientist hidden in the child. This teacher inspires the innovativeness in the children and helps in spreading the flavour of science and creativity among the students. The guidance of a Science Teacher is remarkable as, it has produced so many scientists, researchers, doctors and nurses in the society.

The role of a Science Teacher is much greater. They sow the seeds of likeliness for science in the hearts of students and nourish it with their excellent teaching. Their vast knowledge in the field of science and technology mesmerises and motivates the students to learn, develop the scientific skills and scientific temper.

We may find outstanding science teachers, in and around us. There are many such science teachers, who are even remembered to this day. Eminent personalities like Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Dr. C. V Raman, Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha are some of the notable scientists, who have excelled in their field. They are well-known for their scientific contributions to the society. These personalities, have been inspired through wonderful science teachers at some point of their life. This has made them grow to this level.

Role of Science Teacher:

In the present generation, Science and Technology has advanced to a new dimension. Students get easy access to information on science and technology online. But, the essence of science can be explained beautifully only by a Science Teacher.

Science Teachers in the present era, use these teaching aids and methodologies to develop scientific temper in students.

  • Models: Scientific models, helps in the imagination of an object. Thus, increasing the better level of understanding and learning in students.
  • Charts: Flow charts, Flash cards, Strip charts can be used to excite the students to learn science.
  • Presentation: PowerPoint presentation comprising images, videos and understandable keywords on the topic, proves to be a better learning methodology for students.
  • Experiments: Interesting demonstrable experiments can be conducted in the class or in the Labs. This helps in giving a clear picture to the students on the topic.
  • Illustrations: Including real life examples in the topic of study, helps the students to grasp the essence of the subject.
  • Case Study: This is a wonderful tool, which helps the students to use their scientific creativity and knowledge in answering questions.
  • Seminars: Short seminars, assigned to students, provide them with the vast knowledge of the subject also helps in the utilisation of technology.

These are some of the strategies employed by a Science Teacher, to deliver the subject in the best possible manner.

Life of a Science Teacher:

The life of a Science Teacher is not easy. The teacher has to be up to date with the changes in scientific technology. New ways and methods have to be discovered and implemented every day to make teaching interesting. Plan the lesson in such a way, that it is easy for the students to understand and learn. Prepare models, charts, PowerPoint, experiments for the topic to be taught or for the upcoming lesson.

So, the work of a Science Teacher never ends. It is continuous, constant, pure and progressive just like Science.

Article by Neha Suares

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I have a pendulum here. I have an object that weighs 15 kilograms and I can lift it one meter, which I have done now. That makes it work. Mgh is the job I’ve done, trust me. I have increased the potential energy of this item, 15 times 10, to 150 joules. If I drop it, that will turn into kinetic energy. If I let him swing, from a meter high, … … you’d be there and hit you. You would be dead. 150 joules is enough to kill you. They use these devices, called wrecking balls. They use them to demolish buildings. You lift a very heavy object, even heavier than this, and then let it go. You balance it, thus converting gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy … … and that way you can demolish a building. You just let it hit … [GLASS] … and break a building. And that’s the whole idea of ​​Wrecking. So, you’re using, then, the conversion of gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy. Now, I firmly believe in conserving mechanical energy … … that I am willing to risk my life. If I release that bob, from a certain height, … … then that bob can never go back to a point where the height is greater. If I release him from this height and he sways, when he gets here he couldn’t be taller. There’s a conversion from gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy … … back to gravitational potential energy and here it will stop. And when it backs up, it shouldn’t be able to reach higher … … as long as it doesn’t give this object a starting speed when I’m standing here. I am confident of 100% conservation of mechanical energy. I can’t trust myself! I’m going to release this object and hope I can do it at zero speed … … so that when I get back I can touch my chin, but it can’t crush me. I want you to be extremely quiet, because this is not a joke. If I can’t hit zero speed … … then this will be my last conference. [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER] I will close my eyes. I don’t want to see this. So please shut up. I hardly slept through the night Three … two … one … zero … [LITTLE SCREAM] [LAUGHTER] Physics works and I’m still alive! [APPLAUSE]

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An article on a Science Teacher by Neha Suares

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