Education and its Importance in the Present Generation by Neha Suares

Education and its Importance in the Present Generation by Neha Suares

Importance of education has to be understood by everyone. Education creates better human beings for each other in society.  A good learning with grounded moral values is the key to success, to anyone who utilises it in the best way. It has the strength to convert an ignorant person to a pronounced knowledgeable person. Education gives wings to the dreams of an individual. Inspires, motivates and broadens the mental horizons leading to a self-sufficient human being. Moreover it makes a person more humane in approach.

Education has brought reformations in the society. The present day learning is the result of the hard work of great educationists like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Lord William Bentick, Annie Besant and many others in our country. It has brought revolutionary changes in the mindset of people. Many blind beliefs of people related to girl-child learning, female feticides, superstitious beliefs, community disputes, social strata have been eradicated to the maximum level. Education is a weapon against slavery, harassment and narrow mindset of people. Implementation of learning in the right form saves our life, thus saving the world.

In the age old times, importance of learning was more designed around moral values, knowledge, intellectual reasoning with profound theories and detailed explanations. Education was enforced in their lives by few and many used the tool of learning to change their society. The roots of education were so strongly grounded, that the sweet fruits of learning were best to be offered to the society. The people of olden times are considered to be more knowledgeable and filled with wisdom than the present generation.

In the present scenario, learning has become more of a business than real learning. Students are spoon fed with the printed knowledge and ready to help tutorials. The present generation students are intellectually high but poor in the score of moral values. The present day education, has failed to set its mark on moral values, in the hearts of students. Education has turned out to be ready made and muggable. Many Students are not aware of what they are studying and few have no idea of the purpose of learning.

There are so many examples, where the educated people have been recorded to be terrorists, rapists and murderers. It is a question to think, what impact education has made on the mindset of these people? Is education making it’s mark on the lives of the people? These are the questions we need to ponder over.

I am a teacher by profession. I have personally seen a huge difference in the mindset of students of my generation and the present generation. The learning quality received by the present generation is somewhere missing its elements. The students have reduced feelings of respect, sympathy, kindness, gratitude and other moral values and increased mindset of competitiveness in the field of education. Many parents in the present days fail to provide value based education to their children; instead they are more focused on the marks gained by the students.

I feel the present day education is only limited to marks and competition. No one is bothered about providing or receiving education that makes society a beautiful place to live in. Instead, everyone purchases education in the form of degrees that are only for name sake and certificates that fade away. Nobody tries to understand the real importance of learning.

My question to you is how have you treated education in your life? Are you a part of such an education system, which provides education only to get good ranking? Or are you a person who provides value based education and implements the same in your life?

You need to answer this and analyse the impact of education in your life. [Click here]

Article by Neha Suares

What’s Education For?

Everyone agrees that learning is very important. The point is that we are not particularly sure what we want from it. The goal of learning should be to prepare us for the challenges of adult life. However, from this perspective, it is clear that schools fail everywhere for their students, be it in highly academic private schools or in private private schools that handle problems with life’s challenges, it remains a very wide spread. Human ingenuity, energy, goodwill, and talent are being lost on an industrial scale to become more ambitious about learning. It doesn’t necessarily mean spending more money to build more schools, employ more teachers, or make testing more difficult. Rather, it should mean focusing more on the true purpose of learning. There are two fundamental tasks that should help us: work and maintain good relationships. To address these needs, a future national curriculum could specify that the following subjects be studied: First, capitalism A conspiracy of silence exists around the economic system in which we live We find it difficult to change its bad sides or defend its strengths because we just don’t fully understand how it works. A subject like mathematics should be aimed at teaching its number one utility for 99% of the population that manages money. Such classes would demystify the global economy by teaching students the importance of the means of production and how profits are made. The role of cash flow, human resource leadership, marketing, and competition would also be studied in a perfect school system. You would also study a second really important subject yourself. The concepts of deception, defensive projection and denial in everyday life would be addressed. Helps students get closer to personality maps by paying special attention to their neuroses and fears. Doing this would ensure that students learn a lot about how complex they really are and what kind of people they would be better suited to hang out with. A crucial unit would be devoted to professional self-knowledge. What job is best suited for you? Students would spend three hours a week exploring what they could do with their future. Then we would study relationships. We would be well aware of the social and individual cost of each unhappy relationship. An ideal educational system would emphasize the acquisition of skills that help people to live better together. There would be units on kindness and forgiveness, as well as on techniques to reduce anxiety. In this educational utopia, not only children would go to school, but also adults. learning would be for life. mass media and the arts would be done to maximize their teaching potential and help teach people what they really need to learn. We are so obsessed with the challenges of managing a massive learning system that we cannot identify the real source of your problems these are mainly about money, wages or discipline these are just a consequence of a more fundamental problem right now and with no one bad enough ng for this to happen we just have the wrong curriculum

Education and its Importance in the Present Generation by Neha Suares

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