Science? Why one should choose Science after 10th? by Neha Suares

Science? Why one should choose Science after 10th? by Neha Suares

This is a question everyone, including parents and students have in their minds. Which path to get into? Which college to opt for? Which Stream should I step into? These are the common questions one asks, after matriculation. To help you ease your doubts, I have listed the best options in the field of science. Yes, you heard it right. SCIENCE!!

Science is a vast field of endless opportunities and numerous career options. You can get into any field, with the chosen stream. Science offers a variety of options on your platter to choose from. The stream that you select in Science can lead the way, to turn you into doctors, scientists, pilots, engineers and astronauts.

Why should you choose Science?

If you have a desire to learn new things, explore the fundamentals behind it, keen to apply your knowledge and logic in the subject, then you are at the right place. Also, if you are a hard-worker, determined, focused and punctual person, then you are certainly made for science.

Before you choose Science as your stream, analyse yourself. Analyse what you want to become in life or where you want to see yourself in the next 10 years. Would you like to be an engineer building houses or glued to the laptop or would you like to be a teacher, teaching students or an IAS officer managing the administration of the country?

This decision should be purely yours. So, whenever you are choosing the science stream, keep this motive in your mind and choose for your own good.

Another important reason to choose Science is because you can change your path whenever you want to. You can easily get into any field. To know about the opportunities, have a quick look on the streams available. The combinations available are:

PCMBPhysics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology
PCMCPhysics, Chemistry, Maths, Computer Science
PCMSPhysics, Chemistry, Maths, Statistics
PCMEPhysics, Chemistry, Maths, Electronics
PCHBPhysics, Chemistry, Home Science, Biology

Career Options in Science:

With the above mentioned subject options, I have listed the vast career opportunities for science students to choose from.

Engineering Field – Preferred combination is PCM  
●     Mechanical engineering
●     Electrical  engineering
●     Civil engineering
●     Chemical engineering
●     Computer Science engineering
●     Information technology engineering
●     Electronics engineering
●     Electronics and telecommunication engineering
●     Petroleum engineering
●     Aeronautical engineering
●     Aerospace engineering
●     Automobile engineering
●     Mining engineering
●     Biotechnology engineering
●     Genetic engineering
●     Plastics engineering
●     Food processing and technology engineering
●     Power engineering
●     Production engineering
●     Infrastructure engineering
●     Motor sport engineering
●     Metallurgy engineering
●     Textile engineering
●     Environmental engineering
●     Marine engineering
●     Naval engineering
Medical field – Preferred combination is PCMB
❖     MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)
❖     BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)
❖     BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery)
❖     BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
❖     B.Pharmacy
❖     Pharm.D
❖     BASLP (Bachelor of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology)
❖     Bachelor of Physiotherapy
❖     BUMS (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery)
❖     Veterinary Science
❖     Bsc. Nursing
Bachelor of  Science – Combination differs on the course
★     BSc. Agriculture
★     BSc. Horticulture
★     BSc. Forestry
★     BSc. Computer Sciences
★     BSc. Information Technology
★     BSc. Chemistry
★     BSc. Zoology
★     BSc. Biochemistry
★     BSc. Occupational Therapy
★     BSc. Maths
★     BSc. Physics
★     BSc. Hotel Management
★     BSc. Electronics
★     BSc. Electronics and Communication
★     BSc. Biotechnology
★     BFSc  (Fisheries Science)
★     BSc. Genetics
★     BSc. Health Sciences  and Nutrition
★     BSc. Environmental Sciences
★     BSc. Bioinformatics
★     BSc. Forensic Science
★     BSc. Pathology
★     BSc. Audiology
★     BSc. Anthropology
★     BSc. Architecture
★     BSc. Microbiology
★     BSc.  Biomedical Sciences
B.Voc Courses – Also known as Vocational or Skill based courses
➢     Paramedical and Health Administration
➢     Retail Management
➢     Renewable Energy Management
➢     Jewellery Designing
➢     Data and Web Analytics
➢     Logistics Management
➢     Industrial Microbiology
➢     Fashion Designing
Fashion and Designing Courses  
➔     Bachelor of Interior designing
➔     Bachelor of Design  (Leather)
➔     Bachelor of Design  (Accessory)
➔     Textile Design
➔     Bachelor of Fashion and Technology
Physical Education courses
❏     Bachelor of Physical Education
❏     Diploma in Yoga Education
❏     Bachelor of Sports Education
Other Courses – These are the courses which Science students can opt for
★     Law- BSc and LLB
★     BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration )
★     BMS(Bachelor of Management Studies)
★     BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)
★     Diploma in Retail Management
★     Bachelor of Social work
★     B.A in Economics
★     BSc in Economics
★     B.A(Bachelor of Arts) in English
★     Mass communication and Journalism
★     Animation and Multimedia
★     Performing arts
★     Language Courses
★     Diploma in Fire  Safety and Technology
★     AirHostess courses
★     Digital Marketing
★     Diploma courses

Government jobs after 12th standard:

After 12th standard, you get the eligibility to get government jobs, provided you qualify their department exams. Prominent among them are:

1) Railway Department: Assistant Loco Pilot, Railway Clerks and Railway Constables

2) SSC (Staff Selection Commission): Stenographer, General Duty Constable and Multi-Tasking Staff

3) Indian Coast Guard

These are the amazing opportunities one gets as a Science student. So think, Analyse and choose the right stream for you.

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Article by Neha Suares

What the world needs: Science

We have been talking a lot about the appearance of so-called fake news. There are many people who believe in fake news. They are manipulating data … information, misperception … science is far from being established … This is no longer science, we are not having a scientific debate. This is politics. Well obviously there is a lot of fake news, misinformation, they are picking cherries, they are taking things out of context. Well, the public is bombarded with information. What the world needs right now is science. Science sees the world as it is, not as we want it to be. Climate change is happening. We need science now to tell us about the solutions. This is why what we do at the Climate Council is so important. So what we are trying to do is examine the garbage, search for gold to better inform the public, and make good decisions. I’ve been a climate change scientist for 20 years and I was really frustrated just writing documents that were read by other scientists. I spent my life solving how the world works. Life has helped shape the system for 3.5 billion years and we are now a critical part of the thriving changes at the planetary level. When you go to the Great Barrier Reef now and see bleaching, it’s like looking at climate change. And the information alone and it doesn’t get you anywhere. The Climate Council is taking action. The Council registered with the Cities Power Partnership which covers over seven and a half million Australians. We can no longer be left out if you want to solve a problem, you have to take a little leadership. The Climate Council is like the voice of the people on climate change and was created to be financed with public funds and the only reason we are going is because the public supports us.

Science? Why one should choose Science after 10th? by Neha Suares

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