Mr Kirthan Anchan: Exclusive Interview with one of the Best Anchors of Mangalore

Mr Kirthan Anchan: Exclusive Interview with one of the Best Anchors of Mangalore

Mr Kirthan Anchan, is a young bubbling, energetic anchor of Mangalore. He is a very popular and loved anchor who has hosted many popular concerts, fashion events and also a kid’s reality show named junior ‘Drama Funters’. He has hosted more than 350+ stage shows in and around Mangalore. Kirthan Anchan has also hosted the concert of ‘Ustad Rafique Khan’, the well-known Sitarist of India. He has added feathers to his hat by hosting India’s top most DJ’s- DJ A Sen and DJ Sara’s concert with almost two thousand gathering at Shimoga, Karnataka.

Kirthan Anchan has been the household talk for his amazing anchoring skills in the entertainment show named ‘Nenapina Doniyalli’ in Mangalore’s popular TV channel Daijiworld 24*7.

He has been a popular voice over artists for advertisements too. Kirthan has also hosted an event at Bangalore and shared the stage with National awardee Director and actor Mr Nagabharan. He has also hosted an event with the actors of sandalwood film industry at Bangalore.

He has won ‘The Best Master of Ceremony’ award for his mesmerising anchoring skills. Mr Kirthan Anchan is a wonderful, down to earth person filled with amazing bundle of talents and has achieved a lot at a very young age. I had a quick interview with the most humblest, talented and amazing friend of mine and here it goes.

1) Kirthan Anchan, tell me ‘One Line’ that has inspired you in life?

Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.

2) Mr Kirthan Anchan, what has inspired you to be an anchor?

I was an anchor by accident. I never had a thought to be an anchor but applause and love from people inspired me to take this as a profession.

3) Tell us that ‘Turning point’ which changed the perspective of your life?

It was my 1st PU fresher’s day. The fresher’s had to perform on stage. There was one week left for fresher’s day. My class teacher pointed at me and asked me to host fresher’s day of my class. I nodded my head and said ‘NO’! But she warned me saying that she would never let me into her class if I didn’t take it up. So, I consider that as my turning point.

4) Mr Kirthan Anchan, share with us one beautiful memory of your life.

Every stage, every performance is a beautiful memory for me. Lots of appreciation came through. But I have one memory which is very much close to my heart. It was when Ustad Rafique Khan the renowned Sitarist appreciated my skills and that was an ecstatic moment.

5) Can you please share with us, one of your best anchoring experience?

It was a New Year event at Shimoga. There were almost two thousand plus gathering with India’s best DJs. I truly cannot forget that moment. Because right from the organisers committee to the audience everybody thoroughly enjoyed my anchoring and there was a lot of appreciation that overflowed.

6) Mr Kirthan Anchan, what is your success mantra?

Do mistakes and learn from mistakes but never repeat the same mistake again.

7) How do you cope up with stress in life?

Stress is a part of life and you cannot evade! So, if I’m stressed or I’m blank at some point I try to watch motivational videos or watch comedy shows on YouTube. I must tell you that the Kapil Sharma show is a big stress buster for me.

8) Tell us more about your dreams and future plans.

I’m trying different things on social media and have few things on mind to work on. Hosting a TV show on a satellite channel is my dream, so let’s see how it rolls.

9) Mr Kirthan Anchan, is there anything that you always wanted to share with people, but you couldn’t?

Every artist is different in his own way so comparing one to another isn’t a fair job. So, let’s not compare and compel one to be like another.

10) What is the role of your family in your success?

Family and Friends were supportive every time. But, I must say my elder brother is my biggest supporter. He has been with me from the scratch till date. He always kept me pushing whenever I was low or broken. So, he plays a vital role in what I’m today. And to mention I have quite a small friend circle so even they were extremely supportive every time.

11) Given a chance of being an actor, what role you would do.

Small roles would be fine.

12) If not an anchor, what you would have been in life?

I would have been working for a company abroad.

13) Tell us 3 tips that an Anchor must know.

  1. Interaction with the crowd.
  2. Flow in their language and bit of humour.
  3. Smiling Face.

14) What is that one thing that you would give out, from your experience to the young budding anchors?

Keep a smile on your face, Keep hold on your language, Keep humour within the boundary.

15) As a young Achiever, what message would you like to give to people?

Every human is different in his own way. Humble request to all the parents out there, Always support your children on what they want to do and not on what you want them to do.

Thank you so much Kirthan for an amazing interview with us. It was a great pleasure to have you on our platform. The entire Team wishes you good luck and success in your life.

Are Rich People Happy?

Have you heard of the saying that, money doesn’t buy happiness. And I say neither does poverty. A lot of people they like to make that connection. Well, you know that I would choose to be happy than rich or wealthy? Or money is not that important. Or that it’s okay, like if we set our goals too high then we will get disappointed.

I don’t know about other rich people. But I have been rich and I have been poor and I can tell you rich is a lot better. Better to film my video in a luxury SUV than on a bicycle. Boss on the bicycle would not look so good. So what I’m talking about is, it has nothing to do with that if you are a happy person, money will make you happier.

It would give you more tools and more currency to do things to make an impact. If you are a sad, depressed miserable person, more money will make you depressed, sad and more miserable. It has nothing to do with each other.

People like to use that as an excuse to justify their failures. To justify their lack of ambition. And they say well, you know what it’s, I just want to be okay, I Don’t need a lot of money. I don’t need to be wealthy. And I just want to be happy.

What I say is, why not both? Why can’t you have both? Why can’t you be happy and wealthy at the same time. Why can’t you be happy,wealthy and healthy at the same time? Why do we have to choose? Why can you not have it all? It’s like the saying, well,you can’t have the cake and eat it too.

Here what I would like to question is what is the point of having that cake? You want to have the cake and you want eat it too. That’s what it is. So we have a lot of these misconceptions and lies and myths that people believe in that are not true and very often they are simple excuses to justify.

That’s all that it is. They are justifications. And I could tell you that most people who are successful financially, most, not all most are pretty happy. Most are pretty happy because they don’t have to worry a lot of things that most people worried about.

You don’t have to worry about the bills. You don’t have to worry about your car payment. You don’t have to worry about your household expenses and bills. So a lot of the struggles and the hassles that a lot of people have, a lot of the simple things that people are worried about.

When you are successful, when you have more financial means you don’t have to worry about those things. You could focus on other things that are maybe more important. You could spend more time with your family. You could help the people that they need help with. So don’t buy into the whole bullshit of oh, are people happy or rather be, no, do both? Be wealthy, as well as, be happy, right? Don’t buy into all that.

Kirthan Anchan Kirthan Anchan Kirthan Anchan Kirthan Anchan Kirthan Anchan Kirthan Anchan

Mr Kirthan Anchan: Exclusive Interview with one of the Best Anchors of Mangalore

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