Meet Mr Avinash Daniel Dsouza, A Talented Youth Who has Brought Dreams to Life

Meet Mr Avinash Daniel Dsouza, A Talented Youth Who has Brought Dreams to Life

Mr Avinash Daniel Dsouza hails from Mangalore. He has been graduated with Msc Degree from St Aloysius College, Mangalore. In addition he is the 1st Rank holder in Msc Mathematics. Mr Avinash Daniel Dsouza is blessed with many talents. He hosts programmes, a freelance teacher and much more. Recognising his talent and skills, has taken his interview which is as follows

1) Mr Avinash Daniel Dsouza, could you tell us about yourself?

Mr Avinash Daniel Dsouza

I am Avinash Daniel Dsouza, residing at Maryhill with my parents. I am a student pursuing bachelor’s in Education. I am also a freelancer Lecturer. I have completed M.Sc. Mathematics and worked as a lecturer in St Aloysius College, Mangalore. Being a Master of Ceremony I host various events in and around Mangaluru. Also, I am a Freelancer television Anchor and am currently working in the most popular television channel Daijiworld 247.

2) Avinash, tell us about your journey at St Aloysius Institution?

St Aloysius institution is a wonderful place where I lived 18 years of my life out of which 17 years as a student. That is from class one to post graduation. I was little scared to go to school in my first standard. I can recollect the day during my admission in 2001 where an office clerk who gave me a chocolate and said “You will get chocolates as u come to school” that was a kind of motivation in the first few days to go to school.

In 2008 I joined St Aloysius High School, where I got various opportunities to develop my writings skills, I learnt to write poems and articles. The Press club (co-curricular activity) has helped me to improve my communication skills by providing an opportunity to conduct Radio programs in Radio Sarang 107.8 FM.  The college has helped me to develop Leadership qualities, organize various events and has also guided me to choose my career.

I am proud to say that, what am I today is all because of this prestigious institution, the teachers and lecturers who taught me and transformed me into a better human not only in terms of academics but also in terms of integral growth. The school and college have given me numerous opportunities to develop my talents and also to build my communication skills.

3) Avinash, can you tell us about your achievements?

Usually I don’t consider them as achievements rather I prefer to say few incidents of life which stands out to be told. I am a 1st Rank holder in M. Sc Mathematics. Being a television anchor I have hosted more than 150 LIVE shows in the last 3 years. In my School days one of my poems has received an award during ‘Kaazulo Parab’ organized by ‘Kaazulo’ Monthly in 2010.

4) Avinash, What/Who inspired you to become a lecturer?

The teachers, who have taught me, inspired me to choose this profession. Right from my school days my aim was to become a person who educates, motivates and helps others to grow. I cannot specifically say one particular name but I must mention that every teacher who have educated me guided me to be a lecturer today.

5) Mr Avinash, what’s your opinion about studying in Kannada medium in the present era?

Presently the number of parents preferring to send their children to learn in Kannada media is less compared to that of those days and we all know the reason. Having the knowledge of English is must in the present situation. These days some schools provide opportunities to learn English to the students of Kannada Medium. Along with which every student must make an effort in learning the language, vocabulary and developing the skills.

It all requires practice, willingness to learn and put oneself in the process of accepting the mistakes and learning new things. Most of my friends even the lecturers do not believe if I say I was a student of Kannada medium. All credits goes to the teachers of St Aloysius Higher Primary School and St Aloysius High School who not only taught but also encouraged us to speak in English. Even today I am not perfect, I do commit mistakes in English but I am confident enough to convey my thoughts and lecture without creating any confusion.

6) Avinash, What do you have to say about the present system of education?

I personally don’t encourage judging someone based on their marks, but gaining knowledge is more important than obtaining high grades in the marks card. There is a need of change in the present education system so that it would help the students grow intellectually, also create an environment to learn what they want and to be a better human in the society. A student should be trained to face the various challenges that he or she encounters in life.

7) Mr Avinash, tell us about ‘Student – Teacher’ relationship in the current situation?

The student-teacher relationship has completely changed in the present generation. The students expect their teacher/ lecturer to be friendly than maintaining the student-teacher relationship which was there during our school days. The interest in learning the concepts is lacking in most of the students.

I being a lecturer create a good environment in the classroom. I may not be strict but I maintain a healthy relationship with the students so that they can approach me for any help and clarification in the subject without any hesitation. At the same time I make sure that the fine line between a student and teacher is not lost.

8) Mr Avinash, Suggest few ways to study and prepare well for the exams?

I believe in understanding the concepts than memorizing them. Understanding the concepts plays a vital role in the preparation of the exams. It’s always better to make a note of key points which would help a student to revise before appearing for the examination. I prefer in writing and learning than reading and learning because writing by hand actually influences our cognitive processes. Hence it helps to retain what is learnt for a longer duration in the brain. So write while learning!

9) Mr Avinash, What are the challenges you faced in your first year of experience as a lecturer?

I stepped into teaching career when I was a student. In 2015 I was pursuing my graduation and I got an opportunity to work in a tuition centre named ‘Dreams coaching Centre’ located at Yeyyadi. I had already gained and developed the skills of teaching in the very first year there. After completion of my Master’s in 2018 it wasn’t difficult for me to be a lecturer and deliver lecture to the class consisting of hundred students. It was indeed a wonderful experience in St Aloysius College where every new day is an opportunity to learn something new. However there is no end for learning.

10) Mr Avinash, Can you tell us about the program/programmes that you host in Daijiworld 24×7 channel?

I joined Daijiworld 24×7 in 2017. It was my dream to be a television anchor since my childhood. Initially I was an anchor of “Good Morning Daijiworld”- a live phone in show where I was coming up with a concept in every episode and viewers could share their experience on the topic.

This show provided a platform to the viewers to convey their wishes to their loved one’s through television. Later on I got opportunities to host several other shows such as “Mussanje Maathu”, “Nenapina Doniyali”, “Ami Dhogi Sezara”, “Thodem thodem Novem novem”, “Kaal Aaz ani Falyaan”, “Sharada Aarogya Sanjeevini”. Presently I am hosting the most popular “Ami Dhogi sezara 2.O” in Daijiworld 24×7 a live phone in program on every Wednesday at 9 pm.

It’s my pleasure to say I have appeared in the most popular television serial “Mrs Meena and Family” as an officer from the corporation.

11) Mr Avinash, Who can become an emcee according to?

If a person wants to be an emcee first of all he/she should have an interest in public speaking, should be dedicative and must have the potential to manage any situation so that the show goes well and the audiences get entertained without any disruption.

12) Mr Avinash, What are the skills required to become an emcee?

There are various skills an emcee should possess. The skills that I mention here are based on my experience and observations. He/she should have good communication skills, confidence to stand in front of the people and express his thoughts and views so that the emcee acts as a bridge between the organizers and the audience. He/she should develop spontaneous thinking in order to remain on the stage for a long time, one should be hard-worker, efficient with time management, dedicative, a good orator and a person should be kind enough to his audience and the clients.

13) Mr Avinash, Since how long have you been hosting programmes?

I started my career as a Master of Ceremony in 2016 and as a TV anchor in 2017. So I have an experience of 4 years in the MC field and 3 years in TV anchoring.

14) Mr Avinash, As an emcee what preparation do you undertake before the event?

Preparation plays an essential role in the beginning of the career. Later on, as the years pass you can stick on to the mental preparation. Couple of weeks before the program, I meet the organizers personally and we discuss together by expressing our ideas and decide a sequence of the event how exactly it must go on. Based on the sequence I create the script in a creative way. In addition I see to it that, how I can relate it to the current situation. I involve myself in mental preparation too especially while hosting a program so that I can immediately react or respond to any unplanned situation that may occur during the event.

15) Mr Avinash, Could you tell us one best experience that you had as an emcee?

Best experience is the first corporate program that I hosted “Malaika group’s Annual customer Meet”. It was my first program as an emcee. Even though I was little nervous in the beginning, at the end of the program the audience came to me with their appreciation saying we enjoyed it, liked the way you connect to the people, the style of hosting and the Malaika Group invited me to host the Annual meet in the successive year.  This event remains to be cherished forever.

16) What advice would you give to people in choosing an emcee for their function?

Now in the Mangalore we have many emcees coming up. One who reads a speech also come up with a poster saying “contact me for emcee”. People should opt an emcee based on the expectations they have. I prefer them to choose emcee based on the capability of him/her keeping the crowed lively and entertained. Time management plays an important role too. One cannot blame emcee for the delay in the program because there are certain other aspects too. It’s always better to choose an emcee who can conduct an event without wasting the time of the guests with his long dialogues. Moreover the emcee should possess the ability to connect the guests with the organizers of the event.

17) If you could give future emcees one tip what would it be?

To the future emcees, Learn by observing others but do not copy their style. You must plan and practice in the initial years later on you can involve in mental preparation.  Planning is must before you host any event. Don’t begin hosting the programs or choose to become an emcee with the intention of making money but be a bridge who connects the organizers with the audience, with this definitely you will be successful. 

18) Tell us about your future plans/goals?

There are several plans for my future but, due to COVID-19 most of the things are uncertain, and at the same time it’s better not to reveal because if it doesn’t work the same person who is reading this would question me back. For now I can say that I really want to do something innovative to the society and bring something new in teaching and anchoring field.

19) Mr Avinash, give a short message to the readers of this article?

To all the readers I would like to say do something special in life, achieve something, be a part in bringing a change in the society in a positive way then you will be happy and your name, your contribution will be remembered even after your death. Love yourself, do what you want to do, keep goals, plan for life and work hard in order to pursue your dreams. Don’t be lazy to learn something new, depend on yourself than depending on others. So, always have the potential to learn new things in life. All the best!

Thank you Mr Avinash Daniel Dsouza for sharing your experience and motivating our dear readers. The entire Team wishes you good luck and success in your life.

Meet Mr Avinash Daniel Dsouza, A Talented Youth Who has Brought Dreams to Life

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