Meet Mr Preetham Joyson Dsouza, A person who took every challenge as an opportunity to grow

Meet Mr Preetham Joyson Dsouza, A person who took every challenge as an opportunity to grow


Mr. Preetham Joyson Dsouza hails from Fajir. He has done his Higher primary education and undergraduate studies (B.Com) in Milagres institutions, Hampankatta, Mangalore. He has completed his post-graduation studies (M.Com) in St Aloysius Evening College, Mangalore. He is a very talented youth who loves music and singing. Mr. Preetham Joyson Dsouza is a person with simple and humble nature who loves making new friends. Any opportunity that comes by, he makes use of it. He has won many prizes in various activities.

1) Tell us something about your childhood.

I can start by saying that my childhood days were an amazing days. Since I belong to a farmer’s family, my childhood days were not at all easy. We had nothing called luxury and comfort. I was studying in Kannada Medium School and my grades were also excellent. My parents used to give me just 2 rupees for travelling to school.

With the help of 2 rupees I used to go in the morning and used to come back home in the evening. Most of the time, my classmates and I used to come back home walking and used to save money. We were not waiting for the bus sometime. So the money that was saved we used to buy chocolates, chukki, sweets and other eatables. Like everybody’s childhood, my childhood days were also beautiful. All I can say is those days were just golden memories.

2) Preetham, tell us about your family

I reside in a village called Pavoor and belong to Fajir Parish. We are two children to our parents. I am the youngest one and I have a elder sister. We belong to middle a class family.  We own a little areca palm field and that itself stands our only source of income. My father is farmer and my mother is home maker.

3) Preetham, singing is your passion and you have a great voice. How and when did you realised that you can be a singer?

I don’t consider myself as a great singer, but yes I consider singing is my talent, my hobby and my passion. During my primary schooling I used to take part in most of the activities and I never missed any opportunity for singing. By looking at my interest in singing, school teachers encouraged me for which I am very grateful to them.

Later when I was doing my high school studies, I started participating in several singing competitions and for which I have won many prizes. Finally, I realised my interest in the field of singing and I continued this in all my academic years i.e., till I completed my post-graduation. Presently, I participate and assist in church choir.

4) Preetham, what is your aim in life?

Most of the plans don’t work. I hope even the readers will agree on this because what we plan never happens most of the time. I have not kept any such goals in my life. But yes! I want to keep my family happy and that itself is a major goal. When many fail in keeping their family members happy, I personally want to take this as a challenge and I will work hard for the same.  Currently, I will work as an accountant in a reputed trading company. In future, if everything goes on well, I may go for higher studies.

5) Preetham, who is/are the source of inspiration in your life?

I will proudly say that my parents are the true source of inspiration in my entire life. They have encouraged me in everything and have supported me all the activities. In addition to them a Priest has also been a source of inspiration to me. He is none other than Rev. Fr Stany Periera. He was our former Parish priest.

Rev. Fr Stany Periera has encouraged me in almost all the church activities. He has guided not only me but also many of our youths. Today, if I am actively serving the church and contributing towards church activities, it is because of Him only. Therefore, Rev. Fr Stany Periera also has been a source of inspiration and guidance.

6) Preetham, tell us about your experience in the youth organisation (ICYM)?

Soon after my Pre university studies I joined Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM). It was something new and an awesome experience for me to participate as a member in this Youth movement. It has really helped the youths to build themselves with courage and confidence and to take self-decisions over the years.

I feel that this youth organisation is really useful for building up the leadership qualities. After my two years of joining in this Youth Movement, I started to take up extra responsibilities by taking small posts in the unit. Finally in the year 2019-20, I was elected as the President of Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM) Fajir unit.

It was a challenge responsibility for me, but I must thank and say, with the help and constant support of all the members of my unit I could take this post and its responsibility. As a president I have learned many things. I have gained confidence and courage within myself. I have lost my stage fear and now I am able to face things that come forth. I can now boldly speak with confidence and address the audience.

7) Preetham, tell us about your college life?

College life has been the most amazing stage of my life. I completed both my PUC and Degree in Milagres College, Mangalore and I was indeed glad to be a student of this prestigious college. I got many good friends and all the lecturers were very friendly with us. I must mention that I was given a good chance to explore my talents.

Many lecturers encouraged me in most of the activities and in my academic life as well. I was selected twice as a cultural secretary in the Degree College and those days were the memorable days in my entire college life. I completed my M.Com in St. Aloysius Evening College.  Here too I created good memories and made new friends. Today I really miss my college days.

8) Tell us about your work experience.

After my B.Com, I joined as a training staff in CA Ramdas Rao sir’s office which is located near Bendoorwell. Here I learned many new things related to accounts and Tax.  At the beginning I was quite nervous and I did not have more practical knowledge in accounts and tax.

But as the days passed by I learned new things. After completing my training there, I joined a private company as an accountant which deals in plywood trading. Currently am working in the same company.

9) Share with us one beautiful incident that took place in your life?

I would like to share this one incident with you. When I was pursuing my undergraduate studies, I had to go to Bangalore. Due to personal reasons none could accompany me on my way to Bangalore. I had to board the train all by myself. On my way to Bangalore I met my co-passengers. They were all very good and quite friendly which I never expected. The time that I spent with them was indeed a wonderful one.

10) Mr Preetham Joyson Dsouza what message would you like to give to the readers of this article?

I would like to say that, each and every Youth should have a positive attitude. Take every situation in life as an opportunity to grow. Please don’t miss any chances which will help you to grow. All the decisions that you take should be strong and should be able to manage any situation.

Don’t stick on to other’s life and decisions. You yourself create a new way for you. Seek help or guidance with experience people or elderly people. This will really help you to come up in life. If possible help other but never put someone into trouble. I thank the entire team of for giving an opportunity to share my life experience. Thank you!

It was indeed great taking Mr Preetham Joyson Dsouza interview. We will be back with more! Thank you!

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Meet Mr Preetham Joyson Dsouza, A person who took every challenge as an opportunity to grow

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