Mr Vaishak JP : The Vibrant Mountaineer from Mangalore

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Mr Vaishak JP: The Vibrant Mountaineer from Mangalore

Mr Vaishak JP

A young boy of 21 years. Dreams and Visions totally different from a mob that follow stereotypes. A boy with bubbling energy, radiating enthusiasm and ‘the most loved’ guy in the group. Talented Speaker, disciplined NCC candidate, trek lover, and an enthusiast. He is none other than Mr. Vaishak JP. 

Mr. Vaishak graduated from St. Aloysius College, Mangalore with a Bachelor’s degree in Science. He has won ‘The Best Master of Ceremony ‘ award during his college days.

He has pursued a course on ‘Basic Mountaineering’ from the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering, Manali. He has also conducted various treks to different peaks in the Western Ghats.

Mr. Vaishak has led and organised M2K 2018, India’s only inclusive Tandem Cycling. He also has to his credit of being an expedition leader on India’s 1st inclusive climb at Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

He has also been a freelancer at Just Wravel and Bangalore Mountaineering Club. He has worked as an intern being a Fund Raising Volunteer at a NGO ‘Make a Difference’. Mr. Vaishak has also worked as an intern in the position of Program producer at Radio Sarang 107.8 FM.

We at had an amazing time interviewing Mr. Vaishak and here’s the gist of the interview. 

1) Tell us about your family, Vaishak.

There are 4 of us in the family. Dad, mom, younger sister and myself. Dad used to work in Dubai and now he is retired. Mom is a house wife and sister is a commerce student and also an Athlete and a Gym trainer. 

2) You are skilled at ‘Social Media Marketing’; throw more light on this field.

I have been using Instagram, Facebook for a very long time. And by using Facebook, I have learnt how to monetize your content or promote your work. This helped me to get a lot of opportunities just through social media. 

3) Being a NCC candidate what are the different experiences and various challenges you have faced.

I have learnt to be disciplined through NCC. And one of the greatest experiences has been attending ‘Special National Integration Camp’ when I was 18 years old, where only 10 NCC cadets were given an opportunity from all over India to represent their culture. 

4) Share your trekking experience with us.

My grandfather was a RTD. Range forest officer due to which my family spent most of their life living in different forests of Karnataka. They encouraged me to spend my life in the outdoors. That’s how I started going on different treks in the Western Ghats in 2014 and slowly moved to the Himalayas for treks. 

5) Tell us about your experience as a Rock Climbing Instructor at Equilibrium Climbing Station, Bangalore.

It was an amazing internship opportunity where I got a chance to work with the best climbers who represented India.

6) What is your learning as an Intern being a Program Producer at Radio Sarang 107.8 FM. 

My communication capabilities increased after working there. And I fell in love with music and also wrote PSA and explored my creativity.

7) Throw more light on the course of Basic Mountaineering at Athal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering.

In my final year semester I got a backlog. So, I decided to go to BMC from ABVIMAS Manali. It’s a 28 days course where you get trained in Rock, Ice and Snow craft. 

8) You had led and organised M2K 2018. What is it all about?

It’s an inclusive cycling expedition from Manali to Khardungla which is 500 odd kilometers. I was part of the support team, since I was working as a Program Manager for Adventures Beyond Barriers. Here blind, amputees, able bodied and cancer survivors, we all cycled together. 

9) You had also led the ‘First Blind and Sighted’ group from India to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro. Share your experience with us Mr. Vaishak.

This was a life changing experience for me. It was also my first expedition outside India. And I was guiding one of my blind friends. It was a 7 day expedition passing through 5 different terrains. I’m proud that, I could summit the highest free standing mountains of the world, alongside a blind person when I was 21. 

10) What is the place of friendship in your life?

They are as important as climbing mountains to me. 

11) You also love travelling. Suggest us the 5 best places to visit round the year.

a) Alleppey      b) Goa      c) Manali     d) Leh    e) Lakshadweep

12) Tell us about your journey as a Public Speaker. 

I love talking and sharing stories. It all started as sharing experiences to friends, then a group of people and now to a large audience. I usually attend as a keynote speaker to talk about inclusion, diversity and adventure sports. 

13) You were a Chief crew member of ‘Adventures beyond Barrier’s foundation’. Describe your experience. 

It was great. Working as a program manager was a breakthrough in my career I can say. I used to organise inclusive adventure experiences for persons with disabilities and leadership team of ‘Fortune 500’ companies. Working here gave me a new experience of working with few top CEO’s of our country. 

14) Share your experience as a leader and an organiser.

I always believed in getting things done. I find it very exciting. I enjoy working for others. I have organised fests, adventure sports, weddings etc. sometimes being a part of the team and at times leading in the front. 

15) Blogging is a field that every free-lancer would look into. What are your thoughts and visions on it?

It’s a free space where you can share your thoughts, your content/work to the world. Since most people spend their time on the internet, it could give great exposure, if you can direct it to the right audience. 

16) Vaishak, suppose if every opportunity in the field you are in suddenly stops. 

I would be an entrepreneur. Haha! 

17) Right now, what do you think are the best skills you possess?

Public Speaking, Facilitation, Mountaineering and Entrepreneurial skills. 

18) A piece of advice to the young, energetic, dynamic youth.

Try 100+ things in life when you are young. The one that makes you the happiest and gives a purpose to your life, stick to it. Money will follow eventually.

Thank you so much Vaishak for sharing such an amazing, thrilled experience with us. We at, wish you all the success and good luck in your life.

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Mr Vaishak JP : The Vibrant Mountaineer from Mangalore

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