Mr Manoj Fernandes: An Amazing and Iconic Youth Symbol of Mangalore

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Mr Manoj Fernandes: An Amazing and Iconic Youth Symbol of Mangalore

Mr Manoj Fernandes hails from Kinnigoli. He has completed his Masters in Commerce and currently he is working as a Lecturer in St Aloysius College, Mangalore. Apart from this, he is a good public speaker and has hosted many programmes. He also hosts programmes on Daijiworld, Mangalore. Recognising his talent and skills, has taken his interview which is as follows

Mr Manoj Fernandes

1) Mr Manoj Fernandes, tell us something about your family.

I am truly blessed with a supportive family. Mr Denis Fernandes is my dad and my mother is Mrs Celine Fernandes. Both of them used to work as administrative staff/Clerical post at Pompei College. When I grew up, I was surrounded by teachers because we used to reside in the staff quarters. I have a younger brother who is currently working as an engineer in UK (United Kingdom). We currently reside at Kirem Parish, Kinnigoli.

2) Mr Manoj Fernandes, What are the 3 things that are ‘must’ in your life?

The 3 things which are must for me is, the peace of mind which I always look out for. Second would be Love of God and third a supporting family, which is very important.

3) Mr Manoj Fernandes, Tell us more about your experience as a lecturer?

It was always my dream to be a lecturer. As I was growing up and since I stayed at staff quarters, I usually met a lot of teachers and that indeed had a great impact on me. By the time I completed my Masters, my choice was very much straight forward. Luckily, I could get into St Aloysius College. Initially it was a bit challenging for 1 or 2 months. But I believe that, if you have interest and passion in something, you can succeed in any field. So, it’s been going great since last 6 years, at St. Aloysius College, Mangalore.

Every day whenever I go to take my classes, it gives me a sort of kick. That’s the reason I always insist on one statement, ‘Our Passion and Profession should be the same’. I have made up my mind that, the day on which I don’t get that sort of kick from the classes that I take, I’ll stop teaching and take up something else. Currently I am happy with my profession. As they say “Once a Teacher, forever a teacher”.

4) Mr Manoj Fernandes, Give an insight on Student-Teacher relationship in the present generation.

Yes, the insight on Student-Teacher relationship in the present generation has definitely changed. I believe, in olden times a graduate student would respect a teacher for the designation they hold and accept them as he/she is. But nowadays, things have changed. Definitely students do respect your designation but apart from that they have a sort of analytical mind. Wherein, they will look out for what new concepts you teach to them? How interesting are your classes? What sort of a Human Being you are? All these things are taken into consideration.

In this modern time, a sort of friendly approach has been developed between teachers and students. It may not be with everyone but with most of them. You cannot be a friend to them. But at least you need to have a friendly approach. Maybe the introduction of Social Networking sites also has an influence with this regard. Nowadays, students try to know their teachers in a very close aspect, by knowing their likes and dislikes through their social media profile. This has bridged the gap between a teacher and a student. But it is a new challenge every day and interesting as well.

5) Mr Manoj Fernandes, Give the tips to be ‘The Most Loved Teacher’

Yes. I believe that, your qualification and your designation will win a place for you inside the class. But in order to secure some sort of place in the minds and hearts of students, you need to be someone special.

So, with this regard the first quality I believe the teacher needs to have is the virtue of Empathizing. The way, in which you take up the first hour in the morning and the last hour in the afternoon, there is a difference. I believe that if you try to perceive things from their perspective, like suppose, if I was a student sitting on the same bench and if you can understand that nac, and bring some changes in your teaching they will definitely love it.

Your approach towards them does have an impact, sometimes you have to go a little out of the box and help them as a mentor. All these things will be observed. You should have the quality of empathizing with them. The education system is run by rules. But I believe these rules are only for the smooth administration. You don’t live and die for the rules. All these things are to be taken into consideration. This will definitely help you to get the tag of ‘The most Loved Teacher’.

6) Mr Manoj Fernandes, What are the challenges you have faced as a lecturer and how have you overcome it?

I did have to face some challenges, when I joined St Aloysius College. The first one being that I was not from this city area, I had a rural background and I studied in a Kannada medium school. So, it was more of a cultural shock, finding myself completely in an unknown territory, which was my first challenge. I had to adapt myself to the new culture.

When we were students, we used to tell our teachers to teach us something that wasn’t there in the textbook. We wanted something which we didn’t know because whatever is there in the textbook we can learn by ourselves. Likewise, in today’s generation students are expecting us to teach them something which is not there in the textbook, which they don’t know and also which is not freely available on the internet as well.

How do you come up with something that is not available on the internet is another challenge because, there could be a case where the student is well prepared for the class, even before you could start the class, knowing that this is the topic to be covered. Next is how to make our classes interesting? how to keep students on the edge of their seat is another challenge that I had to deal with. Nowadays, students refer YouTube videos, Web series and much more and it is difficult to stick to Chalk and Talk method as it is another challenge. Hence, we need to constantly update our knowledge and get well prepared for classes.

I would like to mention that I always wanted to do something innovative. Most of the times, I was relying upon videos presentations, conducting quiz, debate and related such activity. Presenting is a ‘dialogue process’ rather than a lecture method. If you just go and talk to them, it cannot be a monologue. You need to involve them wherever it is required. If it is a Dialogue process, they will get an impression as if someone has come and is talking to us rather than giving a lecture. I guess that is something which clicked for me.

7) Mr Manoj Fernandes, You are also an excellent quiz master. Give us some basic tips to be better at Quiz.

Quiz is always my area of interest. I used to participate in lot of quiz competitions. I was lucky enough to represent Mangalore University in South India Level Inter-University quiz competition which was held in Gulbarga University.

The one simple tip is that you need to constantly update your knowledge. Nobody can become an expert in the quiz overnight. It is a gradual process. One tip I would give as advice to all my students is to have a look at a newspaper every day. That is the best thing I suggest. Start with it until it becomes a habit. You would end up in a situation where you cannot manage without the newspaper but you would definitely manage without the breakfast.

I used to participate in quiz competitions and luckily I got the opportunity through my youth organisation as well as in my college, to be a Quiz Master. It is a pleasant experience to be a quiz master and interact with lot of young minds.

8) Mr Manoj Fernandes, Being an amazing talented anchor, you have won hearts of so many people. Tell us how you do that?

Emceeing was not initially my choice. I was only into public speaking. I started with Elocution competitions. I remember in 10th STD, I was given a role of emceeing for cultural events. I loved it to some extent. I did elocution for about 5 to 6 years, before I could turn up into a professional Master of Ceremony. I have hosted many programmes in the college, in my parish and in my locality. I had some experience before I could become a professional Master of Ceremony. This is one thing which surprises me as well.

Nowadays people want to become a professional anchor and within no time they want to host weddings and other programmes. This shortcuts can be risky. I had some experience and then I started with it.

You cannot please everyone, but you can try to please most of them who are your audience. One or two tips maybe, my job as an emcee is to make someone else look better that day. If you are constantly doing that, whoever is there on the stage, whoever is celebrating their wedding, communion or any happy event you make them look better. Within no time, you become indispensable. They would love to work with you.

Another tip would be, to speak necessary. You are not going there just to showcase your talent, but as a facilitator. You need to understand the pearls of the crowd. The ways to adapt, if the function is occurring in a rural area, in a 5-star hotel, at what time the function is scheduled, all these do count. What kind of games to conduct in a particular function are the smallest things, which if done in a right way, can help you to easily win the heart of the crowd.

I am still learning. Whatever success, I have got in this area it is only because I have always tried to understand what my audience are expecting from me on that particular day.

9) Mr Manoj Fernandes, I have personally seen you participate in sports events, grab several prizes. What inspires you to be so energetic?

Right from the childhood I was always keen to get into sports. I was there in my college cricket team as well as in my football team. Whenever I get an opportunity especially when I returned from school in the evenings, I used to play for at least 1 hour of outdoor sports. The sad part today is people are more into internet and mobile games. I believe that the physical activity is must. Either you get yourself into dancing or some sort of fitness related thing or sports. One outdoor sport or a physical sport is a must. Even after becoming a teacher, whenever there are competitions, or any sports announced for teachers, I make sure I participate in it.

I had the opportunity of joining the Zuese fitness club. They gave us a different perspective together what is the importance of diet or maintaining your fitness. If you don’t do it at the right age, then you will regret later on. Many a times we are surprised to see when our students come, and they are hardly 18 to 20 years complaining of joint pain, obesity and related issues. In order to avoid such problems, at least from your side, you have to remain fit.

Sports and games is something which always excites me. I always love watching sports and games. I love playing games like Football and Cricket as well.

10) Mr Manoj Fernandes, Share your experience with us as a TV presenter in Daijiworld 24×7

The reach of Daijiworld is enormous. It has got into so many countries. Konkani speaking community from different parts of the world love watching Konkani shows. They enjoy listening to their language/mother tongue in the foreign land. There were so many people out there, who had appreciated, given their remarks and reviews about the show. We got the feedback from people all across the globe from our Konkani community. So I learnt that, if at all you get into something like this, you can reach out to so many people.

11) Mr Manoj Fernandes, Being an ICYM member for many years, what is your contribution towards it?

ICYM is one Organisation which literally shaped my personality. I owe a lot to ICYM. I made complete usage of whatever opportunities I got in ICYM. I had almost 9-10 years of experience as a Secretary of Kirem unit and Kinnigoli Deanery. I was also the first Youth Public Relation Officer of Mangalore Diocese. I was an active member of Central Council as well. It was a memorable experience.

In fact you get to meet people coming from different backgrounds. We have got 124 parishes in our Mangalore Diocese. I could also attend programmes which were held at State level. I attended one Karnataka Regional Youth Convention Programme held at Mysore. I got the opportunity to host the National Youth Convention held at Vamanjoor. The lessons which we have learnt by meeting some dynamic personalities, the guidance from the priest who were the Spiritual Directors in ICYM and the contacts which we develop from ICYM is a beauty in itself.

I am pretty confident that, if I am stuck in some remote place of Mangalore Diocese, one phone call and anybody would help me out of that situation. I believe that if you give 1% to the church it will give back 100% to you. It has shaped my personality. It has given me so many opportunities to excel and also has helped me learn the importance of Social Service.

The ICYM motto says ‘Leadership through service’. It has given me opportunities to serve people in different capacities. Also it is not about one person, but it is about the Team Work. This is something I enjoyed in ICYM.

12) Mr Manoj Fernandes, What are the 5 essentials to be ‘The Best Speaker’?

The whole idea of being ‘The Best Speaker’ is very subjective, because there is no exact definition. But according to me, these are the 5 things which, you can have in your speech, which will make your speech interesting. One is you need to prepare thoroughly. They say, “To speak one word you need to read thousand words.” It is as simple as that. It is a gradual preparation. Overnight it is not possible.

Second, is the command over any language which might be English, Kannada or Konkani and being fluent in these languages is necessary. I can be a Master of Ceremony in these 3 languages. The command over the language is must. You cannot mix up the words nor run short of vocabulary. Your oratory skills will be enriched if you have a rich vocabulary.

Third thing is nac of reading people’s mind. You need to understand the mind-set of your listener. Then all of a sudden you get ideas what to speak, how lengthy should be your speech etc.

Next is the time sense and it is a must. Speak within the time allotted for you. And the last would be your body language and this also counts.

13) Mr Manoj Fernandes, As a public speaker, what is that topic you would love to speak for hours and why?

One topic as a public speaker, I would love to speak on is, anything related to youth organisation. Maybe ‘Youth in the present society’ and such related topics. It is because of the exposure that I have got through the ICYM organisation. I was asked to speak on this topic several times, in so many different parishes. So this is one topic that I would love to speak for hours.

14) Mr Manoj Fernandes, Unravel the ‘Unforgettable moment’ of your life.

Every moment is a blessing from God. Every moment is an experience both good and bad. Whenever I got a chance to meet some iconic personality, those moments are always remembered and cherished. I had a chance to host a program where Cardinal Oswald Gracias was present. He was the Cardinal from Mumbai. There was also one case, where the Honourable Justice Joseph Kurian, who was also one of the Supreme Court Judges, was present for one of the functions.

So whenever you come across such iconic personalities, those moments are always remembered for a long time. But one special moment, which is the most unforgettable moment of my life I would say, is whenever my parents have said that they are proud of me. There is only one or two times where they have come up with this. So that moment will be remembered thinking that I have made them proud in small ways.

There is one ‘Unforgettable moment ‘ were a priest who after the programme walked up to me and said, “There are many, but you are the chosen one”. He was a distinguished personality as well. That was something very close to my heart and unforgettable.

15) Mr Manoj Fernandes, What is the best advice you would like to give to the present day youth.

I would like to say one particular quotation, which I have heard throughout my life. When my mom was a student they had the habit of maintaining one autograph book as there was no much option to remain in contact after school.

So in her 10th standard when she gave her Autograph book to one of the teachers, she wrote these words which my mother always repeats these words. “Courage friend do not fear as your path is dark as night there is a star to guide the humble. Trust in God, do the right, try your level best and he will see the rest”. So this is the advice I would like to give to all the present day youth.

16) Mr Manoj Fernandes, What is success in your words?

Success is contentment or that inner satisfaction. It cannot be measured in terms of money, fame, name, recognition because these are temporary things. If you have that inner satisfaction, whenever you’re going to bed or getting that peaceful sleep thinking that I have done something, then that is success.

Only you can define your success. It cannot be compared with anyone else. Also success is, if you are able to touch the lives of anybody who is in need of something. That is a sort of success. If they remember you in their prayers, that is a success to you.

17) Mr Manoj Fernandes, Being closely associated with Business Administration, what are the 10 business ideas you would suggest people in this lockdown?

The modern day business is getting dynamic. There are many innovative ways in which people are exploring this particular field. So I guess considering the present situation, anything which can be offered through online will have a better scope. We are hoping that this pandemic situation will end soon. Things would be better. But as long as it is there, maybe whatever skills you have, maybe your anchoring skills, YouTube video skills or you’re online selling, and that would have some scope.

But today we are in an era where people prefer e-books over hard copy of books. Say anything which we can offer to them through online would definitely workout. People are venturing into different fields like, YouTube, Blogging and making money on those platforms.

So these are the areas where you can focus in upcoming years. I really hope that the olden days will be back soon. Once the situation is normal all the skills and talents of people will get an exposure because if you are only speaking about online we are staying in a small boundary. This shouldn’t be the case.

18) Mr Manoj Fernandes, Throw more light on your future goals and ambitions

People say that “you see your life in the eyes of death”. You need to have a larger perspective, so I want to be remembered as the one who is a good human being. That is my biggest ambition. Career wise, I want to remain in this Public speaking field. Whichever area it might be, may be a lecture, TV presenter or an anchor that is something I love.

I would like to continue in this Public speaking field. So that is my ambition. Perhaps if I get a chance to address an international gathering once that would be my dream come true. I have done it up to National level. So that could be my goal. But in a larger perspective a peaceful and meaningful life is my ambition.

Thank you Mr Manoj Fernandes for sharing your experience and inspiring our dear readers. The entire Team wishes you good luck and success in your life.

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Mr Manoj Fernandes: An Amazing and Iconic Youth Symbol of Mangalore

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