7 Merits of Mobile Phone or a Smartphone

7 Merits of Mobile Phone or a Smartphone


In this article we will be learning the Merits of mobile phone or a smartphone. You might be aware that each and every individual will be having a smartphone in his or her hand. Moreover, these days even kids operate smartphones very easily. However smartphones will get updated as the days pass by so that people can operate it in a much easier way. Let’s now straight away jump into our main topic.

Merits of using a mobile phone

Following are the 7 major merits of using a mobile phone

1) In case of emergency:

First merit of using a mobile is in case of an emergency and you are not at home, you can take your mobile phone and try reaching out to someone especially when you are in trouble. Basically, this is why a mobile phone is being used by many and that is a core purpose of mobile phone. Moreover you can get help from various sources such as fire brigade, ambulance, police station, child helpline and much more. However you need to know to operate a mobile phone. Otherwise having a phone is not worth it.

2) Long distance contact:

Suppose you are staying away from your family and friends, at this particular time you can contact them through a mobile phone. However you need to recharge it with sufficient amounts so that you can’t talk to anyone you like for hours together. Moreover you can reach out to any person all around the world. In addition, concerned persons contact number you must be having to get connected.

3) Social Media Applications:

Well known social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter are being used to keep a connection between friends and family. In addition there are various features added to it like you can forward pictures, videos, audios and much more from one person to another. However you need to have an internet connection to operate it.

4) Get information:

In the earlier days people used to run to the library to get information. But now gadgets like mobile phones has reduced number of readers in libraries. However some still prefer to go to the library to read books and get information. Nowadays mobile phones are helping us to get information instantly. Moreover it is not necessary for you to go to the library and read books. Rather you can get access to online reading through mobile phones.

5) Track location:

Just imagine you were lost in a new place or you are visiting a place where you have never gone before. In this particular situation you need not ask directions with anyone because your mobile phone will give you the exact location as to where you are right now and which way to choose. In addition if you were lost and at the same time if your family and friends cannot locate you then you can be traced easily because your phone network will give the exact location.

6) Play games:

Is it boring? Not anymore because those who own a mobile phone can easily download games and play whenever they like. However if you check the Google play store you will find many games there which you can easily download for free and play. Moreover if you are board playing the same game again and again you can uninstall it and try downloading a new game. In this way it will help you to kill your free time.

7) Click pictures:

Capturing memories is the best thing that you can do with the help of a mobile phone. This is so because your mobile phone will be having a camera that allows you to click pictures and record videos. However if the picture has come out really bad you can delete them and then once again you can capture it. Latest mobile phone that comes to the market has cameras that are 64 megapixels and above. This shows the advancement of the technology. Because each day a new phone will come into the market and its features will be updated. Thus you need not have a separate camera because you mobile phone will do that job.


Mobile phones are being helpful to many of us in many ways. This is mainly because it gives you many such features that will make a man’s life easier. Moreover, mobile phones are not that difficult to operate. Because the system will be designed in the mobile phone in such a way that it is quite simple and can be easily accessed by anyone. Thus mobile phones has made life easy

Hope Merits of Mobile Phone or a Smartphone is clear to you!

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7 Merits of Mobile Phone or a Smartphone

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