How to RECORD Computer SCREEN in 4K | OBS

How to RECORD Computer SCREEN in 4K | OBS

Hey everyone. In this article, wants to explain you how you could record your computer screen in 4K resolution, using the free software, OBS. Now if you’ve never used OBS, it’s a software you could get for free, and capture your screen, your Mac or your PC.

Whatever screen you want, even your iPhone, your android device. Any screen works with the OBS app and the great thing about the OBS app is it lets you change the resolution of the way it records the screen. So it doesn’t have to be 1080P HD. You can actually do it in 4k. All you need is a 4k monitor. My iMac is already a 4k monitor, so by capturing the screen and setting something up in OBS to make sure it’s recording in 4k, I already get a 4k screen capture.

But if you don’t have a 4k monitor, you could pick one up for a few thousand rupees from Amazon or Flipkart. 4k is a great monitor. You could use that to record 4k videos. But if you have a regular 1080P HD monitor, that’s the maximum resolution that you can obviously be recording in OBS. But with the 4k setting, it will let you do it in 4k if you have a 4k monitor.

So let’s jump into the computer, so I can explain you exactly how to set it up in OBS. It’s pretty simple, but it’s not there by default. You actually gotta type in a few numbers. So let me tell you that right now.

Okay, let’s launch OBS. I already have OBS installed on my computer. If you don’t have yours installed yet, just go to their this website, open broadcast software. You could get it for Windows, Mac or Linux. It works in all operating systems. And it’s completely free. So go ahead and install it and launch it.

And once you are here, press plus under ‘scene.’ Go ahead and name your scene. That’s step one. Then come over display and press plus on the window and choose display capture. So now you are going to choose display capture here. That’s my computer screen. That’s what it’s recording or your external monitor. Video capture device, that’s actually my phone. So you could record your phone or a different camera here. Let me just leave that on.

Next is your microphone. Make sure you have a good microphone to record audio if you are doing a screen capture, at the same time as you’re recording the audio. I have a mic that I’m using that’s around INR 8000. But, if you want a simple USB mic that sounds great.

Scene transition, we don’t need. We’re not transitioning scenes. And then you just press start record and then it starts recording the screen. Make sure this display is on, because if you press record, it actually doesn’t record your whole screen. So I actually, if I press start recording, OBS will record a black screen. So turn this on, it will record the screen that you see here, your capture device in this case. So that’s how you setup a scene.

Now that records in 1080. Now we want to record in 4k, so let’s take a look. First we need to check our screen resolution. So on a mac, I’m going to click displays here and it shows me my display. 5120, that’s the resolution and in this case, I only need 3840, that’s 4k. So this is even more than 4k, it’s more like 5k. So I’m set here.

On a PC to check this, all you gotta do is look under display, screen resolution and here is your resolution. Drop this down, see if you have something like 4k or 5k. Basically, anything over 3840. 3840 by 2160, that’s 4k Ultra HD, make sure you have that.

So now that I know I have that, I gotta change a setting in OBS, because if I press start recording if I don’t change that, it will record in 1080p. So what you want to do is come to preferences and under preferences, you just gotta change this one setting under the video tab.

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Go to video and you see a number there. This is not there by default. So under the dropdown, these are the resolutions by default I could record. 1080p, a little bit higher than that. And the 4k one, I typed that in. So it’s gonna be clear, just go ahead and delete.

3840×2160, that’s Ultra HD 4k. Make sure these are set to that. 30 frames, or 60 frames is even better. It will be a little bit bigger but very smooth if you want a smooth look. I do it on 30. Change this to bicubic and you’re pretty much all set on the video side.

Audio, you could put in your mic. Output, you should change your output to be high quality MP4. Not flash, MP4 is much better and if you want really great quality, lossless is great but it’s huge file sizes. I just recommend doing this one. You could change your video bitrate to be more like 5500 if you want a better quality. This actually works well for me.

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You choose your recording path and you’re pretty much all set. Once you start recording, it will record in 4k. Now when you press starts, this is gonna be 4k and you come to file, and show recording to show you the different clips that you’ve recorded. They’ll show up over here.

So that’s pretty much all that’s required to record your screen in 4k once you have a 4k monitor. I hope you found this useful. Please give it a like and below. We post easy to follow Computer related video, just like this one, 5 times a week. And I hope to see you on the next video. As always, thanks so much for reading. Do comment your views below.

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How to RECORD Computer SCREEN in 4K | OBS

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