How to make a YouTube Video | Beginner’s Guide

How to make a YouTube Video | Beginner’s Guide

How to make a YouTube Video

Are you a beginner? Are you wondering how to make a YouTube Video? It’s Simple!!! We have explained in detail what requirements you need and how to get started. Lets begin!

Things Required to make a YouTube Video

Guys I will be explaining you in detail what thing are required and how they are useful in shooting your first youtube video. So we will looking at the things and their functions simultaneously.

1) DSLR Camera

Yes! the most need instrument in shooting a video is the DSLR Camera. Many top Youtubers use DSLR cameras to record their YouTube videos. Using the best DSLR cameras will give the best experience for your audience. This will make them wait for your next video to get released on your youTube channel. So with the help of DSLR Camera record your first YouTube Video. Please note that using a phone to capture video is possible but it’s not recommended. Most of the YouTubers use this particular camera but they do not say and I personally recommend you to buy the DSLR Camera mentioned below

Canon EOS 80D 24.2MP DSLR Camera (Black)

You may find this DSLR a little costly, but trust me you can get back everything once you start earning from your YouTube Videos. You can view from the buttons given below. It will direct you to the most trusted online shopping –

Once you have purchased this, you can start recording your video. Note that your video length should be at least 10 minutes to earn from YouTube. Let’s move on to the next point on How to make a YouTube Video.

2) Tripod

Now that you have your DSLR with you, you also need to have a tripod stand. If you check some of the best videos on Youtube, they are very still. You will notice that the video is in a fixed position. The reason for this is that many good YouTubers use a tripod stand to fix their DSLR cameras in a position fixed. When you do so your audience will love to watch and they will never skip it. A best seller Tripod is available below particularly to hold DSLR camera. You can check it below

Digitek DTR 550LW Lightweight Tripod

This particular tripod is extremely good to hold your DSLR camera while recording you YouTube Video. To view more we recommend you to use the buttons below which will lead you towards

If your serious enough with making money with YouTube then definitely what cost you incur today to buy the requirements will reward you 10 times more in the coming days. So let’s move on to the third point on How to make a YouTube Video.

3) Microphone

Coming on to the 3rd point on How to make a YouTube Video, you require a microphone to experience the best audio in your video. The DSLR camera that you have will have an inbuilt microphone but that won’t be enough when you shoot your YouTube video from a longer distance. Hence you need to own a external microphone. You might be wondering which microphone to buy? Need not worry as we suggest you everything in detail below.

Boya BYM1 Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser Microphone with 20ft Audio Cable (Black)

Using this particular mic will help you in not capturing unwanted noise and gives you a better sound clarity. With the help of this mic you may record your audio and insert it with the video. When you first video gets released your audience will appreciate you with the sound clarity. To view or buy the same you may click below to redirect you to

So here we come to an end of Step 3 on How to make a YouTube Video. Before we conclude the 3rd point on How to make a YouTube Video, let me tell you that if you’re not aware of how to earn from YouTube you may read: How to make money from YouTube [Click here to read]

4) Lighting

In this entire article on How to make a YouTube Video lighting is one such major requirement. Lighting plays a major role in making you YouTube video. With lightings it makes a huge difference and also viewers will feel like watching it without skipping. Hence perfect lightings are most important and we recommend you the following lightings.

SHYLOC 18 Inches Big LED Ring Light for Photo and Video Compatible with Camera and Smartphones

This particular lighting will be helpful for you for both devices like Smartphones and Cameras. Since we are using DSLR it works for this as well. Check from the following buttons

So here we conclude with the 4th most important point towards How to make a YouTube Video. Now we shall move on to the 5th and the last point on How to make a YouTube Video.

5) Video Editing Software

There are plenty of softwares available to edit your Video. But I recommend you two softwares. It’s up to you to choose anyone among them. Both these softwares are wonderful and people use this to edit short movies as well. You too need this to edit your Youtube video before you upload them on your Youtube channel. Hence i recommend you to buy any one of the following software to edit your video depending on your budget.

Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate Video Editing Suite for PC

One of the best and most used software to edit videos. Picture of the same is given below.

So using the above mentioned buttons you will redirected towards for more further details and purchases. Then second software that we recommend is as follows

Edius pro 9 offline Video editing software

So this is the second software that we recommend you. So guys here we come to an end of the topic on How to make a YouTube Video. Incase you have any doubts you may comment it below. we will soon answer them for you.

Hope you liked our article on How to make a YouTube Video. We will come with some more articles like this and give you some advance tips and tricks. We wish to see you on our website every single day. Before you leave join our WhatsApp and Telegram Community and also hit the SUBSCRIBE button below. Thank you! Great day ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many views do I need to earn money from YouTube?

Please note you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in 12 months to earn from YouTube.

What are the requirements to make a YouTube Video

1) DSLR Camera
2) Tripod
3) Microphone
4) Lighting
5) Video Editing Software

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How to make a YouTube Video | Beginner’s Guide

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